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Email marketing is a great way to self-promote your business while communicating with loyal customers. You can now easily customize the content you want to reach your target audience. It’s a cost-effective way to reach customers who are already interested in your brand, who want to get the inside scoop on any exclusive ongoing promos.

As more and more businesses add email marketing tactics to grow their client list, your business should not get left behind. Understanding the benefits of email marketing will allow you to formulate a future plan to expand on your current customer base!

Top 10 Benefits to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Strategy:

Solidify Your Brand’s Reputation

It’s crucial for your brand to be strongly recognized by the people who are following you. Brand tones need to be clear in order to build a strong brand identity. Email marketing is actually a great way to form a bond with your customers. It’s useful to get feedback on whether your clients are interested in the content being shared or whether they would like to see any alternatives. To keep your followers from unsubscribing from your content, make sure to share info useful to them!

Use a combination of social media marketing in your campaign strategy. Offer discount deals to users to follow your pages if they haven’t already. The content that is being shared is meant to evoke conversation, bring it to the people to see what is missing or needs to be added to your emails.

Simple Setup Process

Email marketing can seem daunting at first, but nowadays there are plenty of resources available to start building a successful campaign strategy. It does not need to be formulated with a large team of people, rather the overall goal should be to develop a concise content strategy that meets your business needs for online self-promotion. Top campaigns use drag & drop editors, which are quick and easy to use, allowing you to create a well-designed template within minutes.

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Customized Content Creation

Your email marketing strategy should comprise unique content creation. This means each email that is being sent out, needs to be thoughtful and informative. In fact, it should contain the client’s name in the email body. Personalized emails with different images or entertaining subject lines are more likely to have a higher click-through rate, according to Hubspot. ¹

This depends on the customers you are targeting. For example, if your audience is younger – they may find subject lines with emojis or puns exciting. Did you know 35% of email readers click on an email based on the subject line? ²

However, if it’s an audience base, looking for technical answers they may find your information unreliable and unprofessional. Recognize what your customers are looking for is what gets an email opened, rather than sent to the junk/spam folder.

To have a successful email strategy for your marketing campaign, your email needs to be sent out to the right person, at the right time.

Drive Sales

Although email marketing is an affordable, cost-free way to reach out to your target audience, in return it can lead to an increase in profit. Hosting surveys in your emails is a great tactic to understand your audience. According to Hubspot, 59% of respondents in this survey say marketing emails influence their purchase decisions. ³
Encouraging your readers to purchase items from your business, simply use email marketing as a tool to get users to subscribe to your emails and updates. Your email templates need to be automated to speed up the sales process, which leads to an improvement in sales!
Get in touch with your customers provide them with an opportunity to make a purchase:

  • Using surveys as a means to learn which items that grab their attention (click-through rate)
  • Outline items next to customers past purchases
  • Offer exclusive promo codes

Instant Results

It’s easier than ever to track your results with email marketing. Within minutes emails are sent out to an individual’s inbox. You can track the results almost immediately, which can be extremely beneficial during a sale event. It creates a rushed sense of excitement that encourages readers to take action. With offline marketing businesses would usually need to see whether results were taken place due to print or broadcast campaigns, even then how accurate were the results?

Increase Website Traffic

One key advantage to improve your website’s SEO is using email marketing as a strategy. It becomes important to realize which users have willingly chosen to opt-in to your content and want to understand what is taking place with your business. It’s not possible to reach out individually to each and every customer. This means every email sent out from your business needs to be of the highest quality standard.
Use secret promos shared within your community, this will drive traffic to your website once your audience is redirected there as they will remain engaged.

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Automate Your Emails

When it comes to large businesses, marketing to audiences is a simpler process. People are more likely to reach out directly. For small businesses, they need to prove their credibility – offer discounts to prove their authenticity. While at the same time, there is not enough time to be focused on improving their online presence, as they don’t have the same luxury.
Traditional marketing using flyers and mail campaigns can be seen as an option however it’s extremely time-consuming. In addition, delivering to nearby mailboxes can be costly!
Most businesses are missing out on the personal level of connection with their customers. Creating a personalized email template is a much easier way to send out emails to interested subscribers.

Qualified Leads

Create and share a newsletter or announcement on short notice with email templates created ahead of time. The next steps include increasing leads through inbound marketing. This is a great way to nurture the leads that have previously been interested in the brand.
An example of this is drip emails, which work in the long run. You’ll be able to classify which email campaigns directly led to qualified leads, without losing time on bad ones. Another method for doing so is keeping track of the number of click-throughs to understand the engagement rate in the emails.

Own Your Subscriber List

The power behind growing a life-long customer base. These are the people who are willingly volunteering to see the content you promote. In contrast to promoting your content on social media to the public – your subscribers are part of a contact list that you own and can communicate with no matter the email platform. Even more so, the audience will recognize the content produced is all original.

Value for Content

Email marketing is an open space, it’s inviting to loyal customers who are seeking a relationship with your brand. They believe your business can add value to their day-to-day goals. This means you will need to become an expert in your field. Establish that authority position, leverage email marketing as a means to connect with your customers.
Track whether clients or customers are redirected to your pages even further. Whether it is social media or your website. If people are taking the time to search for your business, your pages and websites will get noticed. This can lead to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Need Help Getting Started?

It is clear that email marketing is headed towards immense growth in the next few years in digital marketing. Many people are choosing digital marketing versus traditional marketing as the results are proven effective. Tracking your results has never been simple as platforms are providing authentic analytical results from email campaigns.

It might be time for your business to change its gears, add on email marketing as a promotional tactic.

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