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A good marketing strategy can take a business to new levels of success. Thanks to modern marketing techniques, often used in combination with traditional techniques, there are always new methods of seeking competitive advantage despite increasing saturation in numerous industries.

What we know as marketing today is quite different from the past. The rapid development in this particular industry is the result of how quickly the competition is becoming tougher both in local and global markets.

Marketing is a combination of different techniques, which depend on your specific business goals and objectives. A few methods are being used by almost all growing and well-established businesses. For example, content marketing, which is no longer just limited to articles and blogs. Companies are now focused on offering intriguing content in the form of videos, tutorials, infographics, and brochures.

Apart from creating engaging content, companies do rely on certain technicalities to attract the attention of the target market. This includes both search engine optimization and pay-per-click, also known as SEO and PPC respectively.

Understanding the Difference between SEO and PPC

SEO is directly part of the content. These are certain words or phrases that are repeatedly added to the content to make a web page rank among the popularly searched results in search engines. PPC is a part of the advertisements that direct traffic towards the content and generate leads. However, the main difference is that SEO generates organic traffic while PPC, as the name suggests, requires a certain amount of payment each time a potential lead clicks.

You may have come across organic search listings and paid search listings. This is because of the difference explained above. Collectively, both terms are part of the search engine marketing or SEM. SEM is often part of an organization’s complete internet marketing strategy. The more effective the strategy is, the better the results will be. For this purpose, organizations hire experienced professionals to create the best marketing strategy.

Benefits of Using SEO and PPC Together

There is no doubt that SEO and PPC are different strategies. Each has multiple benefits when used separately. However, some experts do recommend using both together to multiply certain effects. There are certain situations where the two different strategies complement each other and form a stronger SEM strategy.

Here are the top 5 benefits of using SEO and PPC together.

Enhanced Visibility

Both SEO and PPC are used to target search engine result pages or SERPs. The problem is that certain search terms can become popular, which distracts marketers focus away from PPC efforts. However, don’t forget that the top 2 to 3 results on most SERPs are PPC ads.

Combining SEO and PPC gives you a better chance to dominate both the organic and paid results. This will also offer a chance at establishing an authoritative position in your particular industry.

Learning from PPC

Data shows that certain PPC elements work for SEO as well. If a certain PPC ad is helping you with lead generation and sales conversion, you can add the same elements to your content strategy. You can improve the meta descriptions, title tags, and page content to influence the same successful results. This is a quick way of determining what aspects of the strategy are working. When you try an organic search strategy, it can take time to determine these attributes. Paid content will let you know far earlier and you can quickly apply the same for SEO to double the effect.

Social Media

PPC and social media combined have the power to be extremely effective. Social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube allow opportunities for a great ad campaign. These campaigns can also be targeted towards a specific section of your target market. For example, you can show certain content only to people between 20 to 30 years old. You can apply this information to your SEO strategy as well.

A Two-fold Strategy

Organic traffic generation is difficult. Even social media websites are now promoting paid campaigns over organic traffic. It is possible that people from your target market show interest and visit the pages you have put up but fail to take any actual action such as subscriptions or purchases. What you can do is use SEO to attract traffic so the visitors get an idea of what you do and have to offer. Later, you can chase these customers and recapture their attention through compelling PPC ad campaigns.

Uncover More High-Performing Keywords

A great benefit of SEO is that it naturally reveals keywords that weren’t in your original strategy. Many of these keywords can generate more traffic. You can cross-reference these with engagement metrics to determine which ones are going to yield the most positive results. Add these keywords to your PPC strategy. As a result, you have expanded your keyword set to add the ones you were otherwise ignoring.

Combining SEO and PPC may not be a new trend but among all the new information coming your way, it does no harm to try some old gems as well. Your overall internet search marketing strategy can become quite powerful if you combine SEO and PPC. However, this may require the help of your best experts, time and the effective use of your marketing budget.

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