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Small devices can do a lot of wonders- that’s essentially what cell phones have shown us. Cell phones itself can be used as a great way of accessing all the desired information. Most Local business just sticks with regular sites and leaves this opportunity to build more customers. Considering the technological change, mobile sites have now become an essential part for marketing your service and brand. This may be easier said than done but designing a mobile site is not that simple as you have to consider many factors when designing because of the size of the device. Let me show you the importance of mobile sites and give you some tips to help put your creative caps on and design a good website which Mobile Optimized!

1) Mobile-everyone owns one – such a small device with many wonders; it is the most effective, efficient way of communication so let’s get em’all.

2) The timely browse – you have seen everyone browsing through facebook or emails or checking information about things online. So why not have a mobile optimized site that customers will browse instead of checking for their social profiles for notifications.

3) Page load – In a study conducted by, 69% of mobile sites were deemed unacceptable. Ensure that your site is simple and does not have too many graphic features for the mobile version.

4) Popup: big NO! – We already know people use ad blocks to stop all those spamming pop-ups. Don’t make the same mistake in your mobile version. Keep it simple and legible, no one would won’t to open another tab if the site is slow.

5) Fancy graphics – Make sure not to have too many videos or graphics before the actual content. Chances are video may not load properly and the user will ultimately close the tab and not come back

6) Relevancy – Make sure the logo, font colors and most important the content is relevant and matches with the original site. Having different information can be misleading and can also potentially make the customer leave you and go to your competitor.

7) Data Entry – avoid any form filling or text entry. Your main focus of mobile site should be to make the person subscribe to your social profiles and provide important information about the company.

8) Think big: APP – Keep a goal in your head. Have relevant information that the browser is attracted and you should make him think that your company needs an APP for frequent visits.

Small devices can do big wonders in this age. Don’t stick with regular sites, go small and think big. Use this opportunity to grab all those mobile customers that spend time playing random games or just check their social profiles.