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If you can’t measure, you can’t grow

Measuring and tracking is the difference between hoping for results and actually getting a return on your digital marketing investment.

There are hundreds of statistics, numbers and analytical combinations that can help agencies provide insight into your customer’s behaviour, but not every metric is suited to your internet marketing plan. The main three categories, listed below, include universally-applicable metrics to judge your digital marketing success.


Number of new visitors vs. number of return visitors
Traffic by sources or channels

Cost per conversion
Click-through rates

Cost per acquisition
Return on investment (real and projected)

Convert Prospects into New Customers

Email marketing keeps your prospects aware that your company exists and that it should be their number one choice for the particular product or service your company is offering.

The key aspect of email marketing is the concept of segmentation. When our agency develops an email marketing series, this is the first thing we do in order to develop personal and customizable messages for your targeted audience.

The desired action of the email marketing campaign also needs to be determined. Are you trying to convert the prospect into a client? Are you using it as a client nurturing tool? Or, are you looking to sell your products? Whichever intention you may have, Edkent Media has the expertise to reach your goals. And with the use of marketing automation, the process couldn’t be simpler to understand and use.

There is no guess work in email marketing. We are able to track who opened your email, which links were clicked and how many recipients unsubscribed. This allows our A/B testing to have comparable data that can be learned from and improved upon.

Convert Traffic to Qualified Leads with Web Design

A well-built website will generate better customer traffic and an enhanced user interface will increase conversion that will generate new business at a rapid rate. Your company’s online success often rests on the design of your website. This is because if customers come across your website and aren’t impressed with they saw, they will close the site as quickly as they opened it.

A website that is just visually-appealing might not convert visitors into customers. That is why we, at our Toronto web design agency, pay attention to design elements, on the sites we create, in order to maximize their lead generation capabilities. Our ability to align elements of website design with the marketing goals of your company has benefited our clients greatly. We bring our expertise in crafting online forms and landing pages to help deliver impressive results to our clients.

We ensure that our websites are responsive on desktop and mobile. We optimize loading speed to guarantee that your website is running at its maximum capacity.

Our websites are designed specifically for your company based on competition analysis and for the user engagement of the customers.

Use Compelling Content to Engage Your Potential Customers

Wouldn’t you like to be viewed as an authoritative source of information? The main purpose of content marketing is to distribute valuable content that will attract and retain a clearly-defined audience. The four main reasons that companies need content are risk mitigation, lead generation, lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Reading into the customer’s mind helps to deliver a better product and engages them at all stages of the customer buying journey. With the creation of buyer persona, content can be catered to your ideal customer’s interest.

With our expertise in research and our knowledge on the latest trends, we are able to reach out to a wide audience with the most appealing and informative content. There are a variety of content types we provide including blog posts, eBooks, templates, white papers, reports, infographics, and videos.

We create content that we know will engage your target audience. We design content based on audiences’ proven interest in it, increasing the content-sharing possibilities. Our team of experts is capable of building a content strategy that will deliver the maximum impact for companies.

Take Control and Manage Your Online Reputation

Your business may be suffering from a poor reputation online and you may not even be unaware of the fact that it’s happening.

A company’s online reputation plays a vital role in the influence of its customers and the brand’s ability to generate revenue. Unfortunately, online reputation is often neglected. With our expertise in online reputation management, you can successfully manoeuvre past any concerns and start to become more relatable to your customers.

It is said that 66% of global consumers trust online reviews from strangers when making purchasing decisions. It doesn’t matter if you’re a carpet cleaner, a painter, a dentist or a plastic surgeon. What people say about your business online has become the most important reflection of your company’s reliability, quality and skill.

Your online reputation investment will return vast profits from the new customers you will be attracting. Once you have developed an outstanding online reputation, your company will get to reap the benefit of pricing power. It’s time to start making online reputation your company’s priority.

Relate, Engage, and Attract Visitors through Social Media Marketing

We are a top rated Social Media Agency in Toronto!

Your potential customers are more social media savvy than ever before. This means that they need to be constantly engaged and to be provided the most relevant information in order to maintain your brand’s visibility and popularity.

When we establish or enhance companies’ social media presence, we make sure to learn about their target audience and the best possible ways of growing interactions in their online communities. Our efforts are aimed mainly towards churning out result-oriented campaigns and providing better customer service.

After a period of time, we will scale what social media networks are working and what ones aren’t. In this process, we may suggest another social site or simply put our efforts into the platforms that are working for your company.

Social media marketing requires a strategic approach to engage your customer base and for ad campaigns on networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Being a specialized social media agency, we are experts at executing social media campaigns and delivering impressive results to all our clients. We focus on targeted advertising that ensures your social media campaigns will be seen by customers who are interested in your product and/or service—making the most of your investment.

Instant Results and Traffic at a Managed Cost

Pay Per Click Marketing, also known as PPC Management, works hand in hand with SEO in order to generate leads for your company.

The general concept behind PPC is that it lets you reach your targeted audience quicker by specifying who will see your ads, either by entering specific keywords or demographic characteristics, and you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

PPC campaigns are harder to manage than they seem. We’ve seen numerous brands, backed by agencies, suffer from poorly-managed campaigns and, essentially, throwing their investment away. Does this sound familiar to what your business has previously experienced?

Our PPC experts are experienced in not only building an effective campaign strategy, but also ensuring that the performance is optimized at all times during the campaign period. We ensure that the relevant metrics of conversion and click-through rates are constantly monitored and that the marketing costs are always controlled.

Want to rank on Page 1?

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Just Google us for terms “SEO Toronto” or “Toronto SEO” or “SEO Agency Toronto” or “SEO Agency in Toronto” or “Best SEO Toronto” or “Toronto SEO Company” and you will find us on top!

Search engine optimization requires a specific set of skills that not everyone possesses. Apart from mastering the ability to understand Google’s search engine algorithms, we understand companies’ requirements and build a successful SEO strategy to capture their audiences.

While PPC advertising may drive more revenue and social media marketing may be more imperative for your image, SEO needs to be the base of your online presence. SEO is also the most cost-effective digital marketing Toronto service that provides an impressive return on investment.

The click-through rate of the number one organic position on Google is over 35%. This dramatically drops to 13% if you’re in the second position. To put this in perspective, your competitor is going to get significantly more leads from ranking just one position higher, let alone if you’re not even ranking on page 1 at all.

We are a top-rated, results-driven Best SEO company in Toronto that utilizes our expertise in building solutions to increase your brand’s visibility and successfully engages your visitors. Our ultimate goal is to build a platform that enables your brand’s long-term success.


Out of all the digital marketing agency service providers who are claiming to be the best, why should you choose us?

You deserve GREAT-ness!

To GAIN traffic and a customer base

A business cannot be profitable if it does not have traffic or a customer base—simple as that. But there’s a common misconception that any traffic is good traffic. Just think, if the traffic that is coming to your website has no interest in your business, then how can you expect any conversions? Generally speaking, higher traffic will make your company more money, but it will be short-term and unpredictable. We understand the importance of targeted traffic and how it will help you generate the most long-term revenue.

You have a business with a Unique Selling Proposition, an excellently-designed website and key performance targets that you’d like to meet. However, you’re probably wondering, “where do I start?” A visually-appealing website cannot simply exist; it needs to make you money. How? By bringing in traffic – the right kind.

The best SEO agency Toronto knows how to break down barriers in the digital front, generate sales and drive internet users to your website. We do this by actively researching Toronto SEO keywords that consumers are typing right now, and, matching your onsite content and design elements with them.  Want to learn how we can turn around your digital presence? We are one call away.

To RAISE your brand awareness

A strong online presence is essential to your company’s success and brand awareness. As your personal online marketing team, we always seek opportunities to grow your brand’s visibility and profitability.  We understand your needs and we strategize to deliver meaningful results that justify your return on investment. Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring that your website gets the kind of traffic that it deserves; thereby laying a brilliant platform for lead and revenue generation and achievement of the results you want.

An outsourced internet marketing company can do this, and more, for you. Well versed in digital marketing Toronto, with the valuable experience of working with numerous organizations, an outsourced marketing services provider, like Edkent, can help your business make a mark. Access to a pool of practiced digital marketers, enterprise tools, economies of scale and a commitment to marketing intelligently is why you should choose an outsourced marketer, such as Edkent Media, over yourself. To understand how we can create awareness for your brand among the right target audience, dial our number, listed below, today.

To EVOLVE from your past

Early in a company’s creation or a person’s career, mistakes can happen. Now back before the digital age, these mistakes would have been long forgotten. But that isn’t the case anymore. Once something has been posted online, it doesn’t go away. This is great news if the update is about your company being the highest growing SEO company of the year. If it’s for a negative review about your company, then it may seem like something your company will never bounce back from. But, ignoring your online reputation is ruining your reputation.

Toronto digital marketing can be a tough arena to conquer, because of the sheer diversity of its demographics and the increasing number of new businesses. When the competition is cut-throat and your audience expects you to stay in touch with them constantly, who do you count on to help your business sustain the spotlight? The answer is obvious. Speak to one of our representatives; we are just a call away.

To ACQUIRE new business leads

Without leads, a sales team cannot be successful. As a results, generating good leads is just as important as refining your pitch or closing well. It’s now possible to generate an extremely high volume of leads in a short period of time. Social media and search engines have simplified the process of generating leads since all the available information you need is right at your fingertips. The problem now funnels down to how to find quality leads that will convert—that’s where your personal marketing team comes in.

A clever internet marketing Toronto company knows how to harness digital capabilities to elicit qualified leads that will maximize profits for your company. You do this by partnering with the SEO experts Toronto needs, who can intelligently infuse search terms that meet consumers’ most pressing needs that are addressed by your business.

To TARGET your ideal customer

It’s important that all your digital marketing efforts target your ideal customer and use the appropriate messaging. But how can you do that when your ideal customer can’t be clearly identified? The most important part of the digital marketing process is making sure to discover the main pain points of your customers so your company can continuously solve their problems and come up with the most cost-effective solutions. From there, your company can propel into the future and properly target the right customers.

In the digital marketing Toronto sphere, things shift rapidly. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, nor is there a fixed formula for growth marketing. As SEO experts Toronto who are also successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketers, we can determine the digital marketing venues that work well for you and devise a strategy as bespoke as your business proposition.

Take the advice of a Toronto internet marketing company that has helped a number of brands capture an online audience. Don’t lose touch with the people that are most important to your business. Get noticed, smarter, with Edkent.

Grow your Business with the complete marketing solution:
Inbound Marketing

The process of inbound marketing focuses on attracting customers through interactions and content that is both helpful and relevant. The potential to find customers through this approach, instead of outbound marketing efforts, heightens because it utilizes channels such as blogs, social media and search engines.

Inbound Marketing Services


We begin new working relationships by evaluating your digital marketing goals. This way we can ensure that they align with the strategy that will be implemented down the line. This is the portion of the on-boarding process where we will work together to fully grasp the market a company is trying to target and reexamine its target customer profiles. This is important to align with the evaluation of the company’s messaging strategies, including which types of message are best performing with their audience.

If you have switched from another internet marketing company and have active campaigns, this is the time where we evaluate what we can do to improve those results. This includes finding out which keywords are performing and which are not in a PPC advertising campaign.

The communication between the company and the designated account manager during this time is crucial to establish the long-term goals that we are putting in place.


Competition research is done to gather information that is needed to make informed business decisions such as those surrounding products, prices, placement, and promotion. This research helps to build an accurate picture of the market you’re working within, and to see what elements are working for your competitors.

By doing thorough industry research on every new client, we can evaluate the company’s value and its future performance. This business valuation requires a great attention to detail. We perform industry research to identify what the leaders in your discipline are doing to succeed and how that differs from your current digital marketing efforts.

Without a clearly identified target audience, you are essentially throwing your money away. And we’re not going to let that happen. When you are one of our clients, we research and create buyer personas for your business. This will focus our internet marketing efforts and the increased number of leads your business receives will be proof of its effectiveness.


Based on the previous steps, we take our strategies and implement them into our overall Toronto internet marketing efforts. This involves putting the marketing design, execution and scheduling into development. Timelines and specific tasks will be given to our core team to ensure work is done right and on time.

During this step, we will be in communication as approvals are needed and/or required from you, as well as progress updates to keep you informed of our efforts. We also establish a system for tracking and monitoring the strategies; schedule monthly meetings with established methods of the reporting process; and establish a performance management system.

We monitor the implementation process closely since we know that, at some point, we will need to make necessary modifications to maintain growth.


Measurement is crucial to any company’s growth. If measurement and tracking tools aren’t implemented, there is no way of knowing whether a strategy is working or not. We are a results-driven best SEO Toronto company that utilizes this collected data to optimize our strategies to their fullest potential.

Besides being one of the Top SEO Toronto and Internet Marketing Toronto company, we utilize tools that can measure the following:

Number of calls and conversions through a PPC advertising campaign
Reach, interactions and impressions on shared social media content
Bounce rate, time spent and engagement rate on your website
Where visitors are spending time on your website and what they are clicking on

With the data collected, we are able to strategize elements of your digital marketing to increase the results and, ultimately, the leads that your company is receiving.


With the data collected during the measurement and tracking stage, we are able to constantly optimize and adjust whatever is required to achieve the results that we have promised to our clients. We stay true to our word when we guarantee our clients leads and optimization is a key tactic that we use to make sure that happens.

For example, our PPC team is constantly monitoring and optimizing Google and Bing ads to make sure that only relevant keywords are being searched when the advertisement appears at the top of search engines. The team also rewords ad campaigns so that the campaigns will gain more attention than the competitors’ ads that are fighting for the conversion.

Once we have the initial data collected, we are consistently in the optimization stage. This means that we are constructing and executing new strategies, receiving the data-based results, and, once again, strategizing new ways to increase the impact of a certain digital marketing Toronto service.


This step is crucial to the overall success of every internet marketing strategy. Scaling is the process of getting rid of the past strategies that aren’t going to get you the results that you want. The Toronto Digital marketing companies who don’t use the scaling process are essentially wasting their money and lowering the return on their investment.

An example of scaling would be with social media platforms.  If your company had social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Instagram wasn’t performing how we originally anticipated, we would change our efforts into another platform like LinkedIn to see if there was success. The truth is, every social media channels is not for every company, so it takes time to determine which platforms work and which do not.

The reason to scale on particular services is to guarantee that our focus and your money are working the best for you. We are in the business of making the most out of our clients’ investments, and this tactic is the way we make sure that happens.

Successful Brands Start with a Well-Designed Website

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Why Work With a Top SEO & Web Design Toronto Company ?

We’re Credible

Since our establishment as a Top SEO Toronto company, we have consistently delivered effective solutions to clients across Toronto and have contributed to their growth stories. We are in the business of building long-term partnerships and our approach to deliver marketing solutions corresponds with our dedication to excellence.

We’re Innovative

The business we are in is extremely dynamic and for us to be on top of the game, we need to drive innovation. Our team is adept at tackling the latest developments and we are always looking forward to path breaking routes to hit the desired targets.

We’re Results-Driven

We understand business owners and we value your marketing spends. Our success is based on greater returns to your marketing investments and our endeavour is to maximize the returns on the marketing campaign. We have delivered great results for several businesses across the greater Toronto area and are ROI driven.

We’re Transparent

We are open about our operations, giving you the opportunity to trust our company in a way that wouldn’t have been established otherwise. We provide every client monthly reports detailing what tasks were done and how these tasks aided in its company’s overall digital marketing growth.

We’re Reliable

We are a Toronto digital marketing company that follows through on our promises. To prove that we mean what we say, we don’t require clients to enter a contract at any point while working with us. This ensures that the reason our clients stay with us is because that’s what they want.

We are a top-rated Toronto SEO agency

If you are looking to work with a prominent Top SEO Toronto company, you should seek a company that has a good track record of delivering quality results.

We work with multiple agencies nationwide and we are a preferred SEO service provider for numerous larger agencies—meaning they outsource their SEO work to us.
We deliver solid, long-lasting results that will stand the test of all Google algorithm updates.
We, as Toronto SEO experts and SEO consultants, can help any type of business that is looking to enhance its traffic and visibility on search engines such as Google or Bing.
We have always maintained a transparent system that encourages communication from our clients.
We respect your expertise in your business and we add our experience to the mix to deliver timely and cost effective SEO solutions.

At Edkent Media, our focus is to ensure that we deliver on our promises within a specified time frame.

We are your brand consultants

We’ve successfully played the role of brand consultants by displaying our excellence in the SEO game. The integration of white hat marketing techniques and an increased focus on content marketing has helped our clients build their overall brand persona and re-establish themselves as leaders in their markets. The combination of SEO and content marketing has helped brands flourish and at Edkent Media, we adopt a systematic approach to fulfill the best results.

With efficient SEO research, our clients know exactly what the target is and what efforts are needed to get to the supreme spot on the search engine results page. Our consultative approach to business helps to ensure that our clients are aware of every element of the project as it progresses. The content-marketing model works brilliantly once we’ve confirmed the most important keywords and clearly defined the customer’s buying journey. Building a targeted campaign requires research, which includes defining the target audience, their tastes, and the most effective means to reach out to them online.

We are your personal marketing team

The process of SEO has changed the fortunes for several businesses, and their success has laid the foundation for the growth of the SEO industry. SEO isn’t a short-term solution for business revenue. Instead, SEO is a long-term marketing strategy and should be integrated into various aspects of promoting your business

Over the last few years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with clients from a plethora of  industries. We’ve generated impressive results for their businesses and we did this by maintaining a transparent reporting system. While most agencies feel the need to suffocate their clients with data, we believe in interpreting data and using it to make better marketing decisions for your company. We have a system that keeps our clients updated on the progress of their marketing campaigns. The objective isn’t to merely report on the progress, we utilize these reports to generate ideas. We are in an industry that is constantly evolving, so we stay ahead of our competition by keeping it simple and providing personalized support to our clients.


We are results driven and deliver results that impact your business the most.
Our team is full of experts in their specific field to ensure that we are producing the best possible results.
We are in the business of delighting customers and usually exceed customer expectations.
Our strategies are effective and proven.
We are a top-rated best SEO Toronto company that produces real results.
Our ability to sense an effective business opportunity helps in building a cost effective and efficient plan.
We are a Toronto digital marketing company that puts its clients first and ensures their customers are always satisfied.
Our expertise in the digital marketing realm is second to none.

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