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Providing high-quality digital marketing services since 2013

Edkent Media is a leading digital marketing company that has built a name for itself in the industry through high-quality service and results to back it up.

The digital marketing industry is extremely cluttered and competitive so we had no choice but to stand out. Our thought-provoking and customized strategies have opened the doors for the online potential that we bring to businesses of all sizes: start-ups, local businesses and enterprises. We pride ourselves on the simplicity and straightforward approach we take to ensure results that are not only produced but also are communicated to our clients in an easily consumed manner.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves here. Let’s start at the beginning.

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How Edkent Media Came To Be

Before Edkent Media’s inception, Eddie Madan and Kenny Tripura, both founding members, had fulfilled roles in business development and marketing capacities. During this time, they realized that several brands were overlooking the potential that digital marketing has to offer, while others were just being misled.

After carefully observing the market and the digital marking industry as a whole, the founding members decided to start a company with the  focuses of delivering SEO services and results that count, and providing results to their clients that they were originally promised. As a result, Edkent Media was founded in 2013.

The founders decided that in order to stand in the current marketplace, they would need to build a brand that was focused on result-driven, professional and understanding approaches to business. These ideals still flow through every member and the results have continuously contributed to our high customer retention metrics.

Edkent Media has since diversified its offerings and expanded the company to the one you know and love today. The team at Edkent Media thrives on innovation and every day is spend on identifying the next big idea. We are always striving to improve our service quality and growing towards becoming a top digital marketing agency worldwide.

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