Connect information to action with analytics.

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Determine the Best Journeys

On-site Path Navigation

Identify what is working (or not) so broken paths can be fixed and better ones can be created.

  • See what paths visitors are taking
  • Get a better understanding of your website
  • Understand where visitors convert and bounce
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Pinpoint ROI Hotspots

Zone Analysis

Identify how zones function with conversion and hesitation rates in order to optimize their performances.

  • Choose any page element to assess
  • Analyze impact, usability and performance
  • Examine unique behaviour KPIs
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See How Visitors Interact


Identify areas of interest and restructure content to increase time spent on site.

  • Observe how much visitors are scrolling
  • Find out where visitors spend their time on your site
  • Visualize the hot-zones and movements
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Let Artificial Intelligence Be Your Guide

A.I. Engine

Increase your performance levels with data-driven advice and personalized insight from an A.I. Bot.

  • Receive professional advice
  • Obtain impact predictions
  • Gain knowledge from an A.I. engine
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Watch Unique and Cumulative Replays

Session Replay

Identify and utilize user interactions to enhance your site visitors’ experience.

  • Verify your analysis conclusions
  • See mouse and scroll movements
  • Interpret your data analysis
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Divide and Compare Pages

Page Comparator

Evaluate page effectiveness against different KPIs, segments and audiences.

  • Determine and monitor performances
  • Compare and interpret intention and context
  • Manage comparative analysis
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Test and Optimize Consistently

A/B Testing

Take your website to a new level with the insight you’ve learned.

  • Implement and test changes regularly
  • Target your audience with accuracy
  • Establish or use preset configurations
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