Video marketing is becoming one of the biggest attractions for small businesses and professionals. Especially with more and more people shopping online, videos are being recognized as a great way to interact with potential customers. It has the potential to boost the audience, supercharge social, and drive sales strategies.

But the cost of videomaking scares small business owners. Videos have long been seen as expensive and time-consuming to produce; and animated videos viewed on YouTube, never really something you can produce for your business. At Edkent we are on a crusade to change all that. Already our team has made hosting video webinars affordable and easy, now we are turning our attention to animated videos – take a look above!

In a tech-savvy world, whiteboard animated videos are really popular. Affordable animated videos can raise the effectiveness of the whole digital marketing campaign. They offer a contemporary new look, improve SEO, drive engagement and help with brand building.

Find out why you should be investing in animated videos and how we make them accessible for everyone.

Create Brand Identity with Animated Marketing Videos

We have listed some of the main benefits you will get by investing in animated video campaigns.

Attention Grabbing

Whiteboard animated videos are trending these days, and it will be easy for you to attract the attention of visitors. People from all walks of life find animated videos fascinating to watch. It’s a great way to stand out, too. We help translate details into longer on-page times on the website, boost SERP rankings powerfully, make an impact on social media, and grow brand presence.

Personalized Marketing

When a user is making an effort to understand the product, instructional, and promotional videos can be used to great effect. Animated videos can play a powerful role in explaining accurately the features of a product/service, including the history of the brand. They can also be used to address common questions buyers tend to have, making it easier to decide.


When you watch something unique on the internet, it stays in your memory, as does the associated brand. Whiteboard animated videos are impressive and creatively present your products. As humans we tend to remember visuals and moving images far more as compared to text. By adopting this strategy, you can drive the maximum audience to the product without overcomplicating your marketing. This story-telling technique should be according to trends and be relatable for the audience you are targeting. Most people find it satisfying to watch whiteboard animations as they are quick and humorous.

Reach a Wider Audience

By working on affordable animated videos as a marketing tool, you can target a wider audience. Other than the local audience, it is easy to reach people around the world. Animated videos are a universal language and are appreciated by everyone. People who don’t have time to read long blogs (or don’t speak the same language) will be more willing to check out the video quickly. Videos can easily incorporate subtitles to cater to a wider audience base. As SEO experts we help our clients translate this global audience into an effective SEO strategy.

Target Specific Users Across Multiple Devices & Platforms

Millions of people watch online videos on their phones, and it increases the engagement of a platform. In fact, several studies have shown more than half of all videos are watched on smartphones. That’s not really a surprise given how much time we spend on our phones every single day. Unlike long-form articles that are unappealing on a small screen, videos adapt extremely well to whatever screen someone is watching them on – phone, computer, tablet, or a TV. This reflects in the metrics too – you’ll often see people remain longer on videos, even ones they don’t like very much. It is said video marketing can be 5 times more effective than simple content marketing!

Boosting Conversions

Did you know that videos are only not essential for grabbing attention, but they can also help you increase sales? Let’s take an example of an ordinary animated video that explains the product and company. Because it’s relatable, more and more people will visit your website out of curiosity, people who are more likely to engage with you too. When this conversion rate increases, the SEO and ranking improve significantly too.

From infographics to just entertainment – animated videos are considered one of the best ways of boosting conversions. Conversions are driven by confidence and trust, something video marketing helps you achieve in spades.

Google Like to Promote Videos

Have you noticed how Google promotes websites more when it detects great content on them? It’s the same with videos. Search engines prioritize videos because it knows that’s what its users are looking for. With affordable animated videos you have an easy, effective way of getting your content to rank highly on Google. For instance, our content development teams finds subjects that potential customers are actually searching for and then plans a video content strategy around it. That’s how we create relevant, engaging content that people actually want to see. Of course, as people watch these videos more and more, the authority of the page (and by extension the whole website) increases too.

Cost-Effective Video Marketing

Animated videos for business are an excellent alternative to live action videos. They don’t require hiring a cast, hiring videographers, creative director, or editor. Instead, with animation you get a professional video at a small budget. The video can be adapted to your brand easily and can be ‘reshot’ with little effort. The lower cost of animated videos also gives them great return on investment.

Strengthen Your Video Marketing Strategy

Marketing trends are changing every year, and if you aren’t keeping up with them, you will start to see slowing sales. At Edkent we are very excited about the potential of animated videos, especially as we are working hard to make them more accessible for all our clients.

Talk to us today and learn more about the benefits of animated videos, webinars, corporate videos and more.

This method will help to deliver the message to every visitor. It will also increase the conversion rate. Animated videos are attention-grabbing globally and leave a powerful impact on your visitor. They leave a technological impact on your business, and with the help of the professional team, you will achieve the desired results.