Eddie Madan


How to Evaluate the Quality of Your Website Design

  When people ask you about good website design, do you actually know what they mean? Do you know what to look for in order to make your website perform better and stand out? Do you think that a website design evaluation is based on the look of the website? Or, do you know how to evaluate your company’s website?

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Tools for online reputation management

    Online reputation is vital to maintaining a strong business presence. The digital medium ensures that there are a lot of avenues for the public to express a view and an opinion. Content on the website speaks volumes of a company’s reputation and the employees’ conduct and reviews online is also a parameter for people to judge a brand.

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Customer review strategy and the impact of SEO

Google has been ranking sites based on content, uniqueness, device friendliness and social sharing. Original content that is not on any other page receives a higher rank and its relevance to customers adds to the rank score.  Its ease of use and access on any device contributes to a better user experience and this is valued strongly by Google. Managing

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Growing your business with content marketing


Web Designing mistakes to avoid when building your dream website

Today’s blog will give you an insight on the most common mistakes web designers commit. Your web page is your one chance to impress your online visitor. If the site has too many glitches, doesn’t look appealing to eye or has any load issues, you will probably not see that visitor again and guess where he is heading to- YOUR
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What Does Your Online Image Project About Your Reputation?