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.MostLading Page Practices for Conversion

You might have come across the term often but have you ever thought about what is a landing page and why is it created in the first place? Most companies design landing pages to convert visitors into leads. Landing page examples are of many types including “About Us”, “Get Started”, “Subscribe” etc. but the end goal for these pages is to get a conversion.

The audience is asked for information usually in exchange for an offer that is valuable to the visitor. People however are very selective about where they’d like to share their information. This is where best practices for landing pages come into play. A well-designed, structured and formatted landing page will help gain information about prospective customers and get better conversion rates.

Read on to know how you can improve your landing pages and start seeing better results:

  • Headline Should Highlight Benefit

Bounce rates can be as high as 70-80% which means that if 10 people visit your website, 7-8 people are likely to leave without taking any action or interacting with the website at all. You need to let them know within seconds what is in it for them when they land on your page to lower bounce rates. A headline is usually the first thing a visitor tends to see, which is why headlines need to be catchy yet concise and accurate about the offer and benefits for the customer.

  • Making Use of Images

“A picture is worth a thousand words” is a saying that can be applied here without question. Images are used to convey the feelings and emotions you want your target audience to feel and experience. A landing page with all text and no images will not seem very engaging to the user and the visual element will keep the user’s attention on the page. The image should also be designed cleanly and clearly to provide the information needed. Always test images to see which one works best and gets better results.

  • Copy Matters

An image and headline can only take you so far. You need to also focus on the content and copy because the messaging here is what will guide the user to take the action required. The copy needs to be crisp and compelling and should speak directly to the user to engage them with the brand and offer. Make use of “you”, “your” in the message to sound personal and for the audience to feel that they matter.

  • Lead Form Visibility

The lead form should be easily accessible to the user. They should not have to scroll or scan through the page to find the offer you promised. It should be placed “above the fold” which means that the user should find the form without having to scroll through the page and should be visible as soon as they land on the page. If the form is anchor linked to the landing page, make sure that is visible clearly too. 

  • Strong Call-to-Action 

The Call-to-action (CTA) is the most vital element on the landing page and the element which actually gets your audience to convert. The CTA button should stand out and should be designed with a colour contrast compared to the page. Make use of strong, compelling action verbs that let the user know what the call to action button is designed to do. Use words like “Call Now”, “Submit”, “Get Offer” that are to the point and direct about their messaging. 

Sometimes designing even a simple yet effective CTA button can become challenging. At Edkent Media, we can help strategize your landing pages to get you the conversion your business needs. 

  • Relevancy of Offers

The offers you provide must be relevant to your audience. It is in exchange for this that you expect the audience to share their information. The offer should not only be relevant to the user but also the overall business. The offers need to be compelling and viable to the business to be able to deliver on the offer. Make sure the offer is in sync with your business and products. 

  • Asking the Right Questions

As discussed above, users do not like parting with information easily. How much information you request depends on your journey with the user: how acquainted they are with you and your brand, how much they trust you to part with information. If it’s a new lead, start small and ask for the name and email ID. You can then start sending custom offers and emails. Once that relationship nurtures, you can get them to engage with your brand better.

  • Responsive Pages

Google is very particular about ranking pages that are responsive and can adapt to the device they are being viewed on. Make sure your pages are responsive to mobile and tablet devices. This ensures a user’s engagement and viewing experience are not disrupted. Users should be able to easily navigate and consume content on a smaller device as they would on a desktop. With most of the world going mobile, your business to be present with responsive pages.

  • Search Engine Optimization

To boost customer acquisition, your pages must be optimized with the right words and phrases. When a potential customer searches for that keyword, they should view your landing page on the result page. The page should be optimized for both organic search and paid campaigns. If you’re targeting your page through paid ads, those words and phrases should be present on the landing page as well to boost relevancy.

  • Remove Distractions

Landing pages should be designed in a way that creates a minimal distraction.  The user’s attention should go straight to the CTA button. Get rid of any competing links, navigation links or any other distractions that might disrupt the user journey. Keep the page clean and to the point. This way the user knows exactly what is expected of them when they visit the page.

These practices should surely help boost the conversion rate of your pages. Keep in mind that it is all about capturing the user’s attention in the first few seconds and getting them to take action on the page you’ve designed.

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