Today’s blog will give you an insight on the most common mistakes web designers commit. Your web page is your one chance to impress your online visitor. If the site has too many glitches, doesn’t look appealing to eye or has any load issues, you will probably not see that visitor again and guess where he is heading to- YOUR COMPETITOR’s site. I am going to give you tips on some of the things to AVOID when designing your webpage.

  • No proper info: most designers fail to realize that you need to put your phone, address or email in multiple ways. You don’t want the consumer to play scavenger hunt on your site trying to find something to contact you.
  • 404 errors– This is probably the worst thing you can imagine when your site opens. Links not working or loading properly will give you this error and that means the visitor is not coming back again. Do daily testing of your site to see all links are working
  • Navigation speed– everyone has high speed internet but it does not guarantee your website will load that fast. There should be s static navigation bar on top of your site that helps visitors to navigate through pages instead of trying to reload previous pages.
  • Rainbow pattern– It’s a website, not a coloring book. Do not use multiple colors with fancy fonts that make it look like a comic book instead of a website. Make sure to have 2-3 colors that are consistent with your logo so that it is legible to read.
  • Social media– If you don’t have any social media links on your website, you are still living in the dark ages. Your website should have at least 2-3 social media links that promotes your company on other platforms. – A MUST HAVE!
  • Pop-ups and disabled buttons: Alright who actually looks at pop-ups, surely not me! Pop-ups are one of the most annoying features that make people cringe when they open any site. Avoid any pop up links and do not make the “back button” disabled when someone visits your site. The next step the visitor would take is to probably close the tab.

By looking at patterns of information, analytics can detect when something has gone wrong and move to fix the problem before it gets worse. For example, a bank can use behavioral analytics to note a sudden withdrawal or a radical change in a customer’s account to stop fraud or hackers, while courts can use analytics to predict whether a convict up for parole is more or less likely to re-offend.

Now that you are aware of things to avoid, put your creative cap on and start design your website.  Take a deep breath, close your eyes and let your imagination flow. Don’t be disheartened if the site does not look good in the first attempt. You can always mail or call our web design Toronto company for more tips and tricks.