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Comparing an In-house marketing team to an outsourced SEO Company

Marketing plays a big role in developing businesses and increasing the product and brand’s outreach. Every business needs to have an optimal marketing plan that time and goal oriented. Marketing should focus on promoting the product or the service to the right target audience. Digital marketing plays a big role in building a company’s brand… Continue Reading

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Tips to get better SEO results using images

1. Naming the images Every image has default file name that the camera usually allocates (IMG XXX). But always ensure that it has been renamed keeping in mind the key word. It is important that the label contains the keyword since it gets identified by algorithm during the SEO. The search engine will crawl and… Continue Reading

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Tools for online reputation management

Online reputation is vital to maintaining a strong business presence. The digital medium ensures that there are a lot of avenues for the public to express a view and an opinion. Content on the website speaks volumes of a company’s reputation and the employees’ conduct and reviews online is also a parameter for people to… Continue Reading

SEO ranking and usability

Search Engines account for factors such keywords, links, and the overall structure of the site. However, through linking patterns, user engagement metrics these engines can also determine the role of a couple of other factors. Usability and user experience also play a role in the search engine ranking process. They provide an indirect view into… Continue Reading

Jay B. October 20, 2016

“Having run a few PPC campaigns with my previous marketing agency I was a little apprehensive when I approached Edkent Media. They didn’t disappoint however and they successfully executed paid campaigns for my organization. Most importantly, they ensure that the campaign is tracked and monitored at all times. They are a very tech savvy group and it's good to know that my advertising budget is in safe hands.”

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