Seo Calgary


The Importance of SEO and how it can Impact your Business

Google receives over 57,000 searches per second on any particular day. Let that sink in.

With that much traffic and potential customers online, it’s imperative that your brand is easily found on 1st page of Google. This is where our Calgary SEO services are here to help.

The 1st page of Google can accommodate only ten spots and they are sought after by number of businesses including your biggest competitors. Over 90% of people who use search engines end their search on the 1st page. This is why it is crucial to use SEO Calgary services in order to rank your company where people are searching. If not, your brand visibility will decrease as well as your revenue generating capabilities.

Whoever has the #1 organic search result, whether it is you or your competition, will receive 33% of all the clicks that land on that page.  It is the businesses that have a strong keyword in their names that rank 1.5 spots higher than if there was no keyword at all.

Our three key factors for a successful Calgary SEO strategy are:


  • Keywords
  • Domain Name
  • Original Images
  • Site Structure
  • Site Speed
  • Originality and length of site content


  • Traffic
  • Bounce Rate
  • Engagement of visitors
  • Updates


  • Inbound (other websites linking to yours)
  • Outbound (links to related websites from yours)
  • Links from social media (including likes and shares)
  • Links from authority sites



In order to achieve your SEO goals, you need to work with a digital marketing agency that understands your company and the necessary factors influencing its presence online. Edkent Media currently holds 1125 current Google Page 1 rankings for our clients. SEO Calgary requires a specific set of skills that we have. Not only have we mastered the ability to understand Google’s search engine algorithm, but only understanding the needs of your company to build a successful SEO strategy.

We utilize our expertise in building solutions that will help to increase your brand’s visibility successfully engage your visitors. Edkent Media has the end goal of building a platform with will enable you brand’s success in the long term.

We look over your goals, which can vary from one to all of the following:

  • Boost brand visibility and brand awareness
  • Modernize website design to better your company’s optimization
  • Increase your website’s ranking on Google and/or Bing
  • Grow the traffic to your website
  • Increase the number of leads and phone calls you receive

Based on your needs, we will formulate a tailored, actionable plan to achieve your main objective. Contact Edkent Media to reach your goals today!