Chatbots landscape

A chatbot is a computer program that automates a conversation with a person. Chatbot marketing is about using bots to interact with prospects and customers, on your website or app, to generate sales. You can use chatbots to engage with website visitors, answer support questions, qualify leads and upsell customers. 

Chatbots can use artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). They can respond to messages with text, images, audio and even GIFs. You might have experienced bots in chat apps like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. Listed below are three key benefits of using chatbots:

  1. Better customer service 

Providing great customer service is important for all businesses. Customers search for a smooth and pleasant customer experience when they are online. A chatbot can interact with customers online and ask the customers what they need assistance with. Many businesses use chatbots in their business strategy to assist customers. Oftentimes, a customer only needs an answer to a single question. Chatbots can give an array of answers based on a database of questions that most customers are inclined to ask about a product or service. 

The biggest challenge in customer service is being available 24/7 for customers. Chatbots can help in this regard because they are available at any hour of the day and any day of the week. Chatbots can shorten customer wait time and eventually reduce the number of customer service representatives that your business needs.      

  1. Customer engagement after a sale

Although most companies would rather use a live agent or representative to follow through on a sale, some of them have started to trust bots. Consumers are not as put off by chatbots as one might think. Research states that 69% of consumers would rather communicate with chatbots than in-app support. People are looking for quick solutions to their issues. Sales chatbots can help customers complete their purchases and follow up with clients who did not convert. 

After a purchase, chatbots can be used to send follow-up messages. These follow-up messages can be used: to make sure customers are satisfied with what they purchased, to announce new products or services, and to send a holiday or birthday greeting to people alongside a discount to drive sales. If your customers experience an issue, you can program your chatbots to send them to a live team member to resolve the issue.      

  1. Brand-building tool

Branding is the key objective goal for most companies. It can be a long process that entails distributing content highlighting the core values of your company. Chatbots can assist your branding efforts by adding humor and personality to their conversations with your customers. You can customize your chatbot to be appealing and interesting to customers. A chatbot that looks like a fun character can make the human-chatbot interaction more enjoyable and increase the chances of generating leads. 

Your chatbot should be smart, interactive and visually pleasing for you to stand out from your competition. If you create a likable chatbot with personality, you will be able to develop your company’s brand and elicit a positive word of mouth. Your chatbot must embody the main values of your company and meet the needs of your customers while being fun and entertaining.