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Google has been ranking sites based on content, uniqueness, device friendliness and social sharing.

Original content that is not on any other page receives a higher rank and its relevance to customers adds to the rank score.  Its ease of use and access on any device contributes to a better user experience and this is valued strongly by Google. Managing the social media accounts successfully leads to better amplification opportunities and results. Reviews contribute up to 10% of the ranking factors and they cannot be ignored.

Reviews can help Edkent Media SEO Service by creating content and increasing engagement which is extremely important in influencing future customers. It is a relevant source of content and as mentioned earlier, leads to better ranks.

A greater usage of words and terms by the customers will enable optimization of the site since the potential customers also speak a similar language. The reviewers will contribute to traffic because of the appropriate keywords, coming directly from your own customers.

Google considers the rating of sites and prefers those having the highest ratings. The social presence and the level of authority can be bettered through reviews.  Potential customers are capable of judging a site by the star ratings and can immediately take a decision basis their understanding of the rating.  Better the rating, better the traffic and in turn a better chance of converting more customers.

Reviews also have a higher chance of ranking higher and showing up on the results page .This helps to reach the desired population and new customers since they now have access to reviews which leads to more

Having an efficient and well-crafted strategy helps to enhance the brand value in the market and amongst reviewers. Giving the customers a chance to review the business is a route which must be employed to maintain the buzz around the brand.

Using social media and email marketing campaigns with the openness to accept and consider reviews is the sign of a healthy business strategy. Consistent interaction and monitoring of the feedback and reviews helps to address problems if any and inevitably leads to a set of satisfied customers who in turn are capable of speaking well about your brand.

Extending that concept of customer satisfaction, it is also essential to ensure that there is no bias in the review and hence the customer needs to be reached at a time which is convenient and through a non-intrusive method. Starting the interaction on a bad note could lead to a negative review and one that was purely based on that moment’s disapproval of the approach.

It is essential to identify the right audience too and ensure that the responses are from a reliable and relevant clientele. There is only 1 way of dealing with negative reviews and that’s by addressing it. Choosing to ignore such reviews may cost the brand in the long term and shows a certain level of neglect towards customer satisfaction.

Trouble-shoot with the approach which can help with a solution as well. A helpful and mature approach to dealing with disgruntled customers is essential and the ability to find a solution and then convert the unhappy customer to a happy one will be cheered across such sites.

Social media sites are also being used for reviews. The customers quite often use the location and hash tag to show their presence, joy or rage at the service quality or the product quality itself. Being proactive on social media helps to build a positive ranking and serves as a site for customers to gauge and assess your brand.


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