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We all know that digital marketing plays a big role in today’s generation. With the current accessibility of internet even in mobile devices, it is highly recommended to market your business and services online and build a great website to show case your company. Some business owners are still reluctant to use technology and actually apply effective SEO strategy because they think it won’t successful. Some are still trying their hard luck with traditional marketing reaching minimal to no return in this current time. Times change and trends change, so does marketing strategies. Today we are going to decode some of the myths associated with Search Engine Optimization.

  • It won’t work– People go onto search engines before they go outside to vendors in this modern generation. Online people are looking for you as window shoppers generally stall to pass time. People are more actively looking for you online with easy accessibility of the internet.
  • It is expensive: Traditional marketing costs a lot these days because of the physical paper and objects used for promotion. There are also no measures to track the results. Researching about your competitors, analyzing your industry, optimizing your website – all these take time and needs to be planned out thoroughly. SEO once done properly will get you high return with quantifiable success!
  • SEO brings in too many changes: An effective SEO once done on your site will bring you long lasting results. Once your site is fully optimized, leads will start to generate in large numbers. If you are not willing – you can’t grow!
  • Algorithm changes: Google tends to update once every week but mostly are unnoticeable. It is the responsibility of the SEO Company to stay updated and make sure you don’t get penalized- essentially what you are paying for!
  • SEO automated: Only spamming SEO is automated. SEO cannot be automated as it has to be implemented after through planning. A great SEO company like us has in-house marketing teams who plan and customize strategy based on the client’s needs.

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Fun fact:  Yahoo! stands for “Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle