The difference between being a good writer and being able to persuade someone with your writing are two different avenues that many people don’t realize.

Putting words to the page isn’t going to make a difference if there is no focus behind it. That’s why content writers are there to dig deeper and figure out what clients’ end goals are. Typically, these goals fall into the following five categories:

  • More leads
  • Boosted credibility
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Growing an email list
  • Increased sales

Until you put a purpose behind your words, that’s all they will be.

The turning point to making this distinction is how words are phrased and how you choose to present the information. Here are five aspects that separate the good content writers from the great:

1. They Anticipate Reader Questions

A good content writer may predict a reader’s questions sometimes, but writing great content is self-indulgent. Great content focuses on the reader’s demands and needs.

Visitors don’t just scroll down a web page just to do so. They are looking for the answers to their questions. A great content writer knows these questions and has the answers visitors are looking for — awaiting their arrival.

2. They Teach the Reader

A great content writer goes above and beyond to make their writing more clear, more sensible and better explained than that of a good content writer. Even if it’s a short snippet of content, a great content writer will always provide the solution the reader is looking for and help them understand it fully.

3. They Give Their Content Credibility

Great content writers include data in their content to give it more credibility. All their content is factual because of the research, data collection, curation and fact-checking that is done during the writing process. The other part of their content is based on opinion and ideas that reflect the brand they are writing for. This balance allows the reader to appreciate the opinions but also knows there is credible research to back up their claims.

4. They Tell the Full Story

Good content writers don’t always give the reader a clear picture or the full story. On the other hand, great content writers eliminate opposing viewpoints and instead combine numerous perspectives when the issue allows for it. These types of content writers never lose sight of the different kinds of perspectives that may exist, and realize that if they do so, they may lose their readers’ trust.

5. They Know the Value of a Rewrite

Not only do great content writers know the value of a rewrite, but they are also willing to do it. Good content is hard work, but great content is taking the extra effort to make it that way.

Great content writers understand that perfection doesn’t come with the first draft. It’s the elimination of improper prose that cuts the clutter and brings the great content to the surface.

Combined with the above five aspects of great content writing, great content needs to incorporate the requirements and goals of a client’s business.

When you write good content, you provide the client with what they ask.

But when you write great content, you take the extra step to address the client’s needs to deliver the best possible solution.

And that’s what you get when you work with Edkent Media.