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Increase Sales with Better Ads

Do you know where your ideal customers spend their time? Pinpointing these locations is critical to business success. You can take advantage of these moments online with targeted, personalized ads that reflect your consumers’ interests and preferences.

Work with a digital marketing team to develop strategies that are proven to continually drive sales amongst your growing customer base.

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Audience Acquisition

With a prospecting strategy and the right data, finding new customers for your business is a done deal. At Edkent Media, our behavioural and purchase data allow us to create and implement strategies that reach new audiences with irresistible advertisements.

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Display + Retargeting

Think there’s only one chance to close a customer? Think again. Continually engage and influence consumers to make a purchase with a custom retargeting strategy. This cross-device reach drives steady revenue with first-time and repeat customers.

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Benefits of Display Advertising

Supports brand awareness
Easy to target your customers
Increases business visibility
Easy-to-read data results
Supports retargeting
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The Edkent Media Display Difference


We accomplish high-quality results though cross-device targeting, premium placements and consumer data.

Brand Safety

We implement precise measures to make sure that your brand safety for all your campaigns is secure.


We have a top-rated account management team with constant recommendations to help grow your business.


We provide you direct access to our in-depth reporting that we use for campaign insights and increased optimization.


We maintain transparency and believe that your company deserves to know the details of campaign performance.


We develop extensive display strategies to increase conversion from website visitors and reach new audiences.

The Process:

Research + Strategy

Display advertising research is crucial for campaigns that are being built from scratch, or when a new marketing company starts the management of a running campaign. Our research covers the following five areas:

  • Understanding your target audience
  • How to differentiate your product/service 
  • Thorough campaign audit
  • Keyword research
  • Competitive research

When it comes to a display advertising strategy, it needs to answer three questions:

  • What are you trying to sell?
  • Who are you trying to sell it to?
  • What are the best ways to sell it?

Work with Edkent Media to help you answer these questions and take your display advertising to a new level.

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The Process:

Production + Tracking

Display advertising campaign production involves designing ads, building landing pages and setting up the campaign structure.

Tracking is crucial to the success of a display advertising campaign. It allows you to see how many conversions that a campaign is producing and to calculate your return on investment. If tracking isn’t set up properly or is incomplete, you are at risk of overestimating or underestimating the campaign’s performance levels.

At Edkent Media, we take tracking seriously. That’s why we offer the following tracking options for your display advertising campaigns:

  • CPC tracking
  • Conversion rate tracking
  • Google AdWords conversion tracking
  • Form tracking
  • Bing Ads conversion tracking
  • Call tracking
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The Process:

Testing + Reporting

Display advertising campaign testing contains four main areas that are all imperative to campaign success. That’s why Edkent Media has a documented testing methodology for site, keyword, ad and landing page testing.

We provide you with transparent, detailed monthly reports. Without this format of reporting, you would be unable to know whether your campaigns are working or not and unable to calculate your return on investment. The following are the most important items to look at in your monthly display advertising reports:

  • Average cost per click
  • Media spend
  • Conversions
  • Return on ad spend
  • Average click-through rate

When you work with Edkent Media, your campaigns will run at their highest capacity and there will be results to prove it.

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The Process:

Optimize + Consulting

Profitable campaigns are not set up and left to run their course. They require consistent optimization of the site targets, display ads and landing pages. Because we dedicate our time to optimizing each of these items, we are able to reduce your cost per click and increase your conversion rate.

Edkent Media offers consulting services to assist companies with their display advertising. We help you decide how to ramp up your campaigns and to evaluate the existing campaign’s overall performance and success.

You will benefit from our display advertising consulting services if your company:

  • Lacks the expertise but has the internal resources on staff
  • Has the expertise but doesn’t have the internal resources to maintain a successful campaign
  • Needs display advertising but isn’t ready to launch a campaign until it can see proof of results
  • Works with a display advertising vendor and wants an audit performed by a third-party company
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