Businesses, be it a small or a big one receives a lot of Google reviews. Entrepreneurs know it very well that the reputation of a business forms an important asset for any business. What do people say about a business matter a lot? In fact, based on the reviews, potential customers decide whether to carry on business or not with the firm.

The Google Reviews which businesses receive helps to improve the search rankings. It also helps in the SEO efforts to a great extent. One must be well aware of the fact that there are many factors which helps in the search engine rankings; customer reviews online also sends a strong signal for the search engines to communicate authority and trustworthiness.

In this age, where competition is getting tough every day for those small businesses online, managing the reviews online can help a business to increase its visibility in the relevant search results.

Do Reviews Matter?

When thinking about SEO, customer reviews aren’t the first aspect that comes to one’s mind. Many other crucial areas of SEO need to be sorted through, such as link building and content creation. In fact, reviews don’t get much needed attention.

According to a data obtained from the 2017 Local SEO Ranking Factors study, it was revealed that the reviews one Google My Business which included the most searched keywords as the second-most powerful factor when considering the performance of a local business’ in the “Map Pack”. It’s basically the local search box and the map results that appeared on the top of all relevant searches on Google.

Do Google Reviews Help In SEO?

Do Google Reviews Help In SEO?

How It Happens?

For instance, if you search for ‘car shelter’, one factor which Google used to decide for displaying a potential business in the Local Pack was based on reviews. It provides a snippet of reviews located at the bottom of the business’ space, which are usually bold.

Only ranking factor which was determined to be more critical than reviews was the total amount of all extra organic rankings. This means that if the website is SEO-friendly and has excellent organic ranking, for various search terms, the website would definitely appear in the local pack.

What about Businesses Which Are Not Local?

Well, for those businesses also, reviews might matter a lot. Businesses operating in strictly eCommerce scenarios or having no physical location, research is still done. Research supports the necessity of reviews when it comes to SEO.

Reviews Matter a Lot for SEO

Customer reviews can matter a lot for any business. Reviews basically provide customers with the necessary information, which helps customers to predict and come to a decision about their future purchase or interaction with the business house.

For SEO, research becomes a cool thing as the charts show how much traffic a business is receiving. However, the online reviews can affect the ranking of the business in a great manner. In fact, the explanation through which the reviews help ranking is pretty simple. Check it out.

Google Trusts Customers Even More

It might sound a bit odd but its basic fact. Google is dependent on signals in order to decide whether a website is worth a good rank or not. When a site gets a link from another pertinent site, Google considers it to be an approval of trust. Thus, it rewards the site with increased visibility. In the same manner, when a client reviews a business, it is telling Google not only that the business is regal and legit operation and also many people have actually interacted with the business house. Hence, future customers can reach a decision.

Google Enjoys Reading

Google reads the site in order to get a complete understanding of the site. If the site has more content, it would know more about the business.  When a customer reviews a site on Google My Business, then Google gets a lot of content and it understands the business very well. The reviews add a great SEO value to the business.

Great Reviews translates to More Clicks

People would usually choose a high ranking website and click it. SEO rankings get influenced by the CTR or click through rates. High percentage of searches for a site helps Google to understand the site to be a good one and reward it with an improved ranking.

One important thing which must be kept in mind that the mental gap between reading a review and making a decision is very small; as customers immediately come to a decision of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. Hence, for small or big businesses, reviews can make a great difference.