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Most businesses seek to solidify their fortunes by ensuring that they have a reliable set of clients that they can count on. When it comes to the B2B businesses, the ultimate goals are brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Data reveals that the dreaded metric of customer churn seems to haunt most businesses. Sales processes have evolved over the years and there’s a host of technical tools that are accessible to merchants. But the same old fear of losing a client or unsettling an existing one keeps most businesses on the vigil.

In the modern marketing agency business, there are 2 types of clients.

Type A includes the clientele who are associating with a digital marketing agency for the first time. Type B consists of clientele who’ve had arrangements with agencies in the past. They have a fair idea of how things work with respect to assessing an agency’s capabilities.

Over the last 7 years, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with marketing managers, business owners and brand custodians who have their goals of growth and brand visibility.

Maintaining Customer Satisfaction

There are a few basics that Edkent Media has identified as essentials to maintain customer satisfaction. Being a digital marketing agency based in Toronto, we have clients who seek services such as search engine optimization, social media management, website design and pay-per-click marketing. They often have similar goals but a different approach to their business and marketing. With the right set of ingredients, customer delight and customer satisfaction are realistic targets to strive for.

Many clients are cautious about the people they associate with. Most clients are apprehensive about their agency and their values. There is a need to distinguish your company from the other agencies. To do so, clearly highlight yourself as a brand that is reliable and transparent.

Transparency is a buzzword that seems to be thrown into the sales pitches at regular intervals to win a client over but in truth, transparency should be more of an innate value. Transparency must show through as not just an individual’s value but but also that it involves the entire team.

As cliché as it may sound, businesses are still won over by individuals who strike a connection on a personal level that’s based on a certain sense of understanding and mutual trust. As an account manager, the most important task is to ensure that client is always aware of the goals that have been earmarked and the proximity to it. Unfortunately, several business relations set unrealistic goals and timelines. This is a remedy for failure and a clear red flag when it comes to customer management.

There are several benefits of being a communicative leader when it comes to client management.  By restating the marketing goals, you assure that all involved parties are aware of what is going on.

Data Reporting

We understand the client’s definition of success with respect to digital marketing. Edkent Media is able to capture the most relevant metrics for their reference. It’s evident that many business owners are busy and would like to keep things simple when it comes to data reporting.

There is a need to clearly distinguish between data reporting and data gathering since most agencies usually clutter the client’s inbox with endless lists of data that make no sense to the client.

Our team at Edkent Media consciously invests time to interpret data and not merely capture it. Handle the transition period of a client with extreme caution and with greater emphasis on client communication.

Hitting Clients’ Goals

Begin the project aggressively by clearly showing your dedication and clarity with respect to the marketing goals. By listening more and addressing the client’s queries, you transition from being a sales person to a marketing consultant. You need to value your clients and listen to them to address their queries. You find that the client trusts what you say and consistently seek your confirmation on similar matters afterward.

In a competitive business space, revenue targets are stiff and every marketing agency would want to hit their goals. It is crucial, however, to prioritize the long-term gains.

We’ve seen many blogs where digital marketers discuss the most important tools and the coolest new metrics. Insightful data remains at the core of our operations. But we’ve seen that a professional approach to work coupled with a transparent and simplistic method of communication works wonders when it comes to client retention. It’s clear that by displaying a sense of care and concern for our clientele’s goals, we’ve managed to move past the goal of customer satisfaction and are definitely closer to customer delight than ever before.

Our team at Edkent Media has been successful to attain our client’s marketing goals. We do this while letting them know  they have a reliable Toronto digital marketing agency working for them.

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