Facebook has been the biggest social media platform for communication in this modern generation. It has 1.44 billion active users which is almost 25% of the world population. Every local business should target this amazing media platform that has one of the largest pools of consumers online. Today we are going to give all you business owner’s ways to enhance your Facebook business page and get more following on your pages. You are solely responsible for your personal one 😉

  • Upload photos and videos– Most people would rather see some fancy picture or video and then they would be inclined to read about service. Don’t just have articles, it’s a social media profile page not an article writing page. Have pictures and videos that relate to your business and attracts the user towards you. In a recent study, online surfers tend to be more attracted towards the text written on a picture than a plain article.
  • Call to action buttons: On the page header, there are various calls to actions buttons you can choose from. Try using different combinations and see which ones are most effective. Good ones to tart with are “contact us” or “shop now.” This is one easy to redirect people to your website and other profiles.
  • Offers and contest: run contests to attract online surfer. Not all contests have to have prize money. Some are just for fun attracting the fans and attracting more new clients. You can also give exclusive limited time offers enticing people such as offers expiring in “24-hours”
  • Hit those goals: Celebrate when you hit a certain number of fan/followers on a page. This will keep you motivated and will also help you in achieving more fan base. The more followers/fans you have on your page, your percentage of redirecting increases and so does your daily article readers.
  • Social media linkage: Add links on your Facebook page to showcase your other media platforms. You can use this as one page with all the links to your other profiles for easy access. Having all your accounts linked in one place also helps your followers to follow on other social profiles which they have signed up for.

Facebook has been one of the biggest influences when it comes to social media marketing. You should definitely use this medium to attract the local community of your area and give yourself that boost. On top of that it’s the cheapest source of attracting more leads for NO COST! Keep reading and sharing and spread the knowledge.  We will be back with more fascinating blogs about using various mediums to promote your business.