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You’ve noticed all the success that businesses have achieved by harnessing the power of social media, so why not get in on the action?

In order to create an authoritative presence on social media, your business needs to grow its following.

Follower count is one of the most important metrics. It not only provides you with the confidence you are on a right track but also helps in the distribution of your business’s content.

In order to gain your first 500 followers on social media, you need to decide on your overall social media strategy. When setting up your profiles, the process that leads to a successful following is one in the same.

Here are our top 6 tips to help you get started on social media and get those first 500 followers.

1. Complete your entire profile, which includes:

  • Adding your bio with relevant keywords and hashtags;
  • Adding your website’s URL and location;
  • Uploading a profile picture and a cover photo that represents your brand;
  • Sending your initial 5-10 tweets, or Facebook or Instagram posts; and
  • Using emojis in your bio and/or your about section.

2. Cross promote your newly created profile on other social media channels

  • Share the URL of your newly created Instagram or Twitter account on your Facebook page or vice versa. This will allow your followers to know about your presence on other social networks, so they have the opportunity to follow you there as well.

3. If you already own a blog or a website, place the following widgets or buttons

  • Twitter provides multiple kinds of buttons that you can add to your blog or website. One of those is a “follow” button, which will help grow to bring your blog followers to a new platform.
  •  Integrate your Twitter and Instagram feed on your Facebook page.

4. Include a link to your new social channel in your email signature

  • When you include links to your Facebook Page and Twitter profile in your email signature, it will help you gain more fans and followers. This is effective for LinkedIn as well as it will help you to grow your professional network when you share emails with your clients or colleagues.

5. Follow relevant accounts on social media

  • If you are new to networks such as Instagram and Twitter, following relevant accounts can boost your awareness because people generally follow back. This means that if you have followed someone, it is quite possible that the other person will follow you back.
  • You should never overdo following accounts because there is a daily limit on how many people you can follow/unfollow in a day. Over-doing it can ban your account.

6. Invite your friends to like your page on Facebook

  •  On Facebook specifically, you can invite your friends to like your new fan page. It’s best practice to invite only a handful of relevant friends, those who you think will be interested in your page, instead of sending an invite to all.

So now you are all set to get started. Try out all the tips shared above and see how it works for you.

Do you want to grow your company’s social media following but don’t have the time? Contact Edkent Media to see how we can help grow your business.