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There is no better opportunity to make a lasting impression than during the introduction of your website. Your layout can assist with constructing an audience to be ideally connected to the content that is published online. Improve your website with a few tweaks that will dramatically increase the impressions on your website. 

Specifically, a few pages on your website may be performing better than the rest of your website. Every website has its own unique vision, however, when it comes down to establishing an effective website, these are the four most visited pages. 

If you’re looking for the answers on how to make your website appealing and ridiculously engaging – keep reading below!

The Home Page

The forefront to selling your service or business to a customer is your website. People will use the internet as an information base, and look up what you can offer to satisfy their needs. If your website is not able to deliver what they are looking for within seconds, (to be exact – 62 seconds on average) they will leave your page. Make every second worth your shot.

Use a gigantic eye-catching headline that lets people know where to head next. Simplify the next steps by creating one large button that is easy to click. 

About Page

There are people out there, such as customers or interview candidates for your next hire who are looking for more information. Competitors may even investigate the history of your page to learn more about your company vision. The page will describe the company history, vision statement, executive leadership, and client testimonials. 

This is the section that needs relevant information, don’t allow the user to scroll away. Answer the question they are looking for with at least one CTA. Most people who reach this page, need to be tempted with engagement. They are searching for an answer.

Blog Page

The blog page is a method to increase website ranking for your business. Several product pages for every individual keyword you’re looking for. Loading up product pages for individual keywords you’re looking to rank for. A blog is fundamentally a storytelling feature that mentions the products or services your business offers and signs up links to answer. 

Organize the blog categories to make it easier for the user to find the most recent information. It may be best to set it up with the most relevant keywords, or popular information. You want to get users engaged with your content. 

Contact Us Page

The contact us page leads people to your website. It’s the direct form of interaction, as to where customers can talk to a representative or book an appointment rather than on an app. This is the best place to include a phone number or email address for future customers to decide to get a hold of a representative to contact you about your product and services. You can also enable a chatbot to help answer some preliminary questions to make the process easier for customers.

Boost Your Webpage With Website Design

There is a broad range of framework that goes into the website design. Depending on whether you’re using WordPress or an e-commerce website link, you need to be creative as this is your storefront. Make a note ahead of time mentally when designing your website, allow customers to easily be able to go through the website. Boost website conversion rates by making sure the user reaches their goal when they using pages. 

There are two goals that are easy to reach, users will flow throughout the website if you are able to attain them. 


Strictly delivering information that helps the user understand what they were looking for when they came on the website. To answer this question effectively, we will need to keep in mind how they landed upon your website. Did they come from a search engine, email, or a referral from another website? 

Track the content that you are sharing on your website. Use content marketing as the next strategy to boosting your website traffic. Edkent Media offers concise research and keyword development when it comes to sharing your content online. No matter which blogs or pages are most visited, you can keep building new content from where the users will find information relevant and easy to access.

Call To Action (CTA)

It’s critical to understand the end goal of the website user. If they are looking for something on your website, going through these pages it’s thoroughly important to have a solid CTA with every single page of your website.

The homepage is a great place to invite users to research what they’re looking for. If your website design layout is not easy to navigate, it can get users to promptly leave as quickly as they had arrived. Every bit of information that is being shared on the website deserves a response.

For example, if a user visits your website, do you want them to: 

  1. Land on another page
  2. View your video posts or YouTube channel
  3. Fill out a form
  4. Complete a free trial

All of the above choices require users to be re-directed when they land on your website, therefore sprinkle CTA’s across the website. If you’re not prepared for the planning that goes into website design, you may be better off partnering with a marketing agency

You’ll receive a step-by-step layout of what is to be expected with the creative project. While saving you extra time to continue working on your business or services. Your business could flourish just from a simple refresher of content. 

The Digital Marketing Professionals

If your website hasn’t transitioned to keep up to date with current trends, you may be easily missing out on customers who are interested in your page. At Edkent Media we will be providing you with a key sense of direction to jumpstart your business’s web page. Determine why people are visiting your website and look into particular pages, understand why they are there and ask for action in return. 

Not sure where to begin? Set up a 30-minute conversation with us, we’ll break down what is missing in order to get your business to the top. Call 647-352-8700 and contact us today