How to use Twitter advanced search is one of the most asked question online. Infact, every month globally 200,000+ searches happen around this topic. After Twitter getting musked, this trend is definitely upward. This is why almost all brands and celebrities consider Twitter in their social media marketing strategy. But in the midst of the confusion if you should pay for the blue tick or not, if your confusion revolves around twitter advanced search, we can certainly help. So let’s get started, shall we?

What is Twitter Advanced Search?

If you are a Twitter user, you would have used Twitter’s search option at some point. But there’s a hidden functionality in Twitter that allows you to do a powerful advanced search. For e.g. if you want to check Tweets of a particular timeline, or with a combination of keyphrases, that’s doable to produce exact results. So, how to do Twitter Advanced Search and what all you can do with it? Let’s dive deeper.

How to Use Twitter Advanced Search

1. Start with a Basic Search

Interestingly you can’t do a Twitter advanced search directly. So you will have to start with a basic search first and once you reach that search page, you can start your advanced Twitter search. The below screenshots will give you an idea how to go about it.

Twitter basic search

Twitter advanced search

2. Filter by words

Here you have quite a few options. These are

  • All of these words
  • This exact phrase
  • Any of these words
  • None of these words
  • Hashtags
  • Language

Twitter advanced search - words

The above filters are self-explanatory. A pro tip would be using specific keywords when using Twitter’s advanced search. Avoid using general or broad terms and instead use terms that are specific to your search. For example, rather than searching for “marketing,” try “digital marketing” or “social media marketing.”

3. Filter by Accounts used

In case you are looking for a tweet concerning specific handles or from specific handles, things will get much easier for you. You have three filters here, i.e.

  • From these accounts
  • To these accounts
  • Mentioning these accounts

Twitter advanced search - accounts

4. Filter by Tweet type

You can further narrow your results with the following filters

  • Original vs replies
  • With or without links

Remember, these filters will not help you as a standalone filter, they are only good when you have the main filter and then these can come to help you filter out unnecessary results.

Twitter advanced search - tweet type

5. Filter by Engagement

If you are doing research for a brand or organization, you might have certain criteria. For e.g. you are trying to figure out the influencers for a certain topic and then you would only want to consider Tweets with certain replies/likes. This filter will come in handy then. But for a regular user, this might not be the best filter to use.

With this filter, you can filter out Tweets with certain replies, retweets or likes.

Twitter advanced search - engagement

6. Filter by Date

And the last option is probably the most useful as well. You can filter out specific Tweets for a given timeframe. Considering 867 million tweets are sent each day, this filter might come in handy.

Twitter advanced search - dates


Twitter’s advanced search feature can be a valuable resource for locating information on the platform. You can fine-tune your search results and find the tweets you’re looking for quickly and easily by using specific keywords, exact phrases, and filters for date range and language. So, the next time you’re on Twitter and wondering how To Use Twitter Advanced Search, do visit this blog.