Website DesignLong gone are the days of simple information being shared across a webpage. Website design has become a critical component to getting exposure for your brand. Business owners will need to realize that website pages need to be converted to a sales platform to attract and convert customers. In order to build a strong website that instigates leads through web design, you will need to see what users are drawn in and converted.

Identify the good and bad creative designs for your website. The strategy of a good website layout is to supply information for users and businesses to engage with. Visitors on your website are looking to engage with the content posted on your website, and share information they find with other users who may be interested. Use conversion optimization rates are a systematic approach to see where traffic is being generated. 

Identifying Metrics to Boost Your Page

Enjoy higher rankings for your business when you incorporate keywords onto your website.  The exposure of your website through SEO leads to a higher conversion rate as people who find your page, believe the content is relevant to what they are looking for. Edkent Media offers SEO optimization strategies to get your business to the top-ranking position. 

More often than not, websites have the capability to provide visitors with the information they are seeking but lacks creativity. Before we get into the design strategy concept, take a look at the metrics involved to understand how conversion rates work: 

Bounce Rate

The bounce rate equals the number of people who appear on your website but leave almost immediately after viewing one page. You want to prevent this number from increasing and make people want to stay. 

Average Time on the Site

A proper evaluation if users are clearly reading and interacting with your page. The lower the average time on a website, the higher the bounce rate.

Average Page Views

In this section, the engagement results from the pages a user views. This can stem from viewing the content on the page or being unable to locate a question they want to be answered. 

Interactions Per Page Visit

What are the visitors on your websites interacting with? Are they watching a video, commenting on a blog, reading on your services, or clicking on the landing page. It’s important to establish which section of your website is getting the most hits. 

Traffic Sources

The source determines the channel visitors are coming from. Each traffic channel has its own expectations for levels of engagement. Keep your traffic source diverse to populate the page overnight.

Secure credibility and trust with visitors who land on your webpage by building a page that gets you closer to reaching the customer’s wants. Experiment using pay-per-click marketing offered by Edkent Media to track where users who find your site are coming from. The medium which has the most traffic can be beneficial to your profit gain if there is an increase in content being shared. 

Once they are onto your website, it’s critical that you ensure the pages are up to date. Try to aim for a minimalistic design, visitors want a clean, well-organized website layout is easier for users to complete what they were looking for. Your business’s reputation begins from your website appearance and the reviews shared by legitimate customers. Your goal is to make the experience for your visitors a pleasant one. Therefore, make sure your web design converts better using A/B Testing.


Navigate Website Layout Optimization:

Conversion Points

Buttons, links, pop-ups, customer service, it really is anything to click on. It will lead them to a page to submit contact information or register for a program.

Images with People

 Using images with people on them showcases your website is empathetic to visitors and proves a strong relationship. Optimize the images on your website so they will not affect the loading speed of your website. Studies show, even a one-second delay in page response can reduce your conversion rate by 7%.

Hero Images

Add a large banner to the top of your website. Commonly place call-to-action buttons across the image. Make sure the images are responsive to provide a good user experience to your visitors.

Mobile or Tablet Friendly

 Users using mobile or tablet devices will expect a webpage to load quickly, no matter the size. It is your responsibility to ensure that the experience is quality despite the transition from mobile to tablet. Mobile-friendly designs rank higher than those that don’t have the option.

Website Design

Your website design strategy should be customized to be customer-centric. In this case for increasing website traffic, a call to action should be placed in clear consistent locations for users to get in touch with you. Use bright consistent colors to get visitors to engage with your website. Use the white space area also known as the part of the website that is left blank, for a landing page. This can be used to increase your conversion rate as there are more reasons for users to submit their inquiries!

If you’re looking for a website design, you will need to make it visually appealing. The color scheme is an important element to consider when looking for significant improvements to your page. The colors need to have meaning towards the brand, to reflect across the message being promoted. Using basics to designing your website is a greater step up to your competitors who are not using the platform to showcase their brand. You’re one step further to gaining a new loyal customer interested in supporting your business.

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Conversion rate optimization plays a large role in turning traffic into profit. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to increase your website’s quality – maximize conversion rate with design. Take a growth-driven approach to test user behavior when landing on your website, understand the analytics to see where your business can step up its game. Use elements of design as a strategy to build a profitable website.

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