Image SEO: When you are running a website for your business, you would be definitely posting blogs or articles from time to time. Posting relevant content for a site not only helps a business to attract the attention of the target customer, it can also improve the ranking of a site. After all, when more visitors click a site and visit it, Google considers it to be a trustworthy one. Thereby, rewards it with a good rank.

Adding Images

Just like posting content can help a business to get engaged with the audience, similarly images in the articles can encourage people up to a great extent. It has been seen that apart from the catchy titles, when images are added to a post, people take even more interest to go through the entire post. Moreover, right images should be chosen that can support the message that the article/ post tries to spread.

Image SEO: Alt Tag and Title Tag Optimization

Image SEO: Alt Tag and Title Tag Optimization

Adding ‘Alt’ Feature

When you are adding an image, you must try to use an ‘alt’ feature. Title Tags and Alt Tags help to reinforce the message of the articles with search engine bots. Thereby, it improves sites’ accessibility.

What Are Alt Tags and Title Tags in Image SEO?

The title and alt attributes of any image are usually called ‘title tag’ and ‘alt tag’ or ‘alt text’; although they are not actually tags. Instead, the ‘alt text’ describes the image as well as its function on the page. Hence, if one is using the image in the form of a button for buying something, then the alt text would be read as “button for buying.”

The ‘alt tag’ is generally made use of by screen readers, which are a kind of browser. These browsers are mainly used by visually-impaired and blind people so that they can learn about the image.

The ‘title’ feature is shown in the form of a tooltip when one hovers over the image.

Well, it can be said that every image should contain an alt text; not only for SEO reasons but also because the visually impaired won’t be able to know what those image are about. However, the title attribute is not needed all the time. The title attribute might be useful but in many situations, not using it won’t be a huge issue.

Image Having a Purpose

Many businesses might think that the image they are using for their post is having a purpose. Only using images in the design solely for design purpose shouldn’t be present in the HTML. It must be in the CSS part. in case, one is not able to modify these images, developers can give it an empty attribute, such as <img src=”image.png” alt=””>. The empty alt attribute would help readers to skip the image.

Knowing about Alt Text and Image SEO

Many people might have a detailed understanding how the search engine crawlers understand images. As the crawlers can’t see the images, they depend on additional information, so that it can decide what the image is all about and how it is connected with the content of the web page. Basically, search engines see the images in a different way. Search crawlers rely on a few key bits of data ingrained in the image, in order to see it: the file name, the title tag, the image alt-tag, and sometimes even the caption and the anchor text.

Hence, while carrying out content analysis, it is being checked that there is one image at least containing an alt tag which contains the focus keyword. The following 3 stages for all images and the corresponding alt texts are considered. They are:

  • No images appear on the page, consider adding something apt.
  • The images on this page don’t have alt tags containing keywords.
  • The images on this page contain alt tags with the target keyword, phrase.

This doesn’t mean that keywords should be spammed into every alt tag. One would need to use high-quality, good, and relevant images for the posts. Only then it would make sense to have focus keyword on the alt text. For the above three stages, all of them have the alt and title tags, and one flutter to see them. In case, the image is on a specific product, it is important to include the complete product name along with the product ID in its alt tag. It would enable the image to be easily found.

When uploading an image to WordPress, a title and an alt attribute can be set. You would need time in order to set a proper alt text for every image going to be used for the post. Image SEO would definitely benefit article