Unless you are Amazon or eBay, chances are your customers don’t visit your website with their credit card in hand in anticipation of a purchase. Instead, your customers will begin their “Buyer’s Journey.” This journey consists of the following four steps that consumers take before becoming your customer.

The first and arguably the most critical step in the buyer’s journey is to attract strangers to visit your website. They will then start to interact with your brand and steadily move towards the closing phase. But first, how can you attract strangers? At Edkent Media, we follow a precise process that produces results.

First, we review your brand to ensure that it is modern, it effectively addresses your buyer personas, and it attracts the audience that you’re targeting.

We then evaluate your website’s overall presence. This is done by examining your SEO success, assessing factors such as how easy it is to find and navigate your website, how easy the information is to understand, and how your services or products are clearly defined.

Depending on what we find in the above steps, we may need to adjust your marketing message to better communicate with customers and improve their overall user experience, or we may need to start from the beginning and build a new website.

Once we bring interested, potential clients onto your website, or they start to interact with your content, the second step comes into play. The conversion from a prospect to a lead is critical in order to achieve sustainable sales growth for your business.

Introducing content to your website that is appreciated and received well by your visitors is an exceptional way of engaging them within an electronic dialogue. At the same time, the content helps to establish your company as a knowledgeable thought leader and key resource in the industry.

Potential customers are more inclined to buy your product or service each time that you provide them with a tip sheet, eBook, white paper or checklist that will help them during their decision-making process. We create calls-to-action that are too appealing for prospects to pass up.

As we continue to stimulate interactive behaviour, your contact list will grow and your chances to close a deal increase as well.

By this stage we have nurtured your leads and potential customers have interacted with your content. They are now ready to commit, i.e. make a purchase. The crucial requirement in the next step is to make the process as easy as possible for prospects to transact with you.

To make this possible, we make sure that all payment software is up to date, all prices are visible on the website, and all payment processes are quick and painless. We suggest additional promotions such as ‘20% off your first order’ or ‘free shipping’ to help make that decision for prospects even more compelling, if they were on the fence.

Marketing automation works wonders to nurture leads into paying customers. This process deepens the meaning of your back-and-forth communication, and increases your company’s opportunity to close sales.

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps to analyze the best prospects, while closed loop reporting eliminates duplication of efforts of your sales and marketing teams. Email campaigns can work as a drip marketing tactic that will regularly provide information to recipients, so your company will be top-of-mind when they are ready to buy.

Just because your products or services have been delivered doesn’t mean that the relationship with your customer is over. The key to keeping customers happy is with ongoing customer service.

This can be in the form of preferred discounts on future items, and surveys that ask for customers’ valuable opinions. Tactics such as these will will help generate additional and future sales, and raise the perceived value of your company.

To convert customers into promoters, we encourage them to spread the word about the positive experience they had when making a purchase from your company. An effective way to give encouragement is to gently prompt them for social media sharing and Yelp reviews. This will strengthen your brand’s presence and trustworthiness. There are also customers who ‘Like’ and ‘Retweet’ your brand’s messaging, promoting your values better than any other medium.

We as an inbound marketing Toronto company are able to subtly place calls-to-action that instill social sharing. A fine art, anticipating customer behaviour is, after a purchase has been made.

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Tracking is the only way you will truly know if your digital marketing campaigns are effective or not. Using tracking, we can accurately assess what your target audience responds to. Because we are keeping a close eye on the progress of marketing campaigns, we can easily replicate successful strategies for your company moving forward. At Edkent Media, we utilize industry-leading software, HubSpot, as well as other tracking systems. We will show you where your leads are coming from, how prospects are interacting with your site and hundreds more data points.

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Edkent Media ensures that we not only grow your website’s traffic, but also get you the right kind of visitors. We’ll help you and your staff create and accomplish impressive strategies to attract high-quality prospects. We do this by demonstrating expertise with blogging, building reach and influence on social media, integrating SEO as part of your inbound arsenal, and accelerating traffic with pay-per-click and social media marketing.


We work closely with your team to create strategies that resound with your ideal prospects. Based on robust buyer personas and compelling content your prospects will love, we’ll have every page of your company’s website putting leads into your funnel. We accomplish this by writing and distributing offers that resonate with your prospects; optimizing conversion rates; performing A/B testing on campaigns; and segmenting leads for better targeting.

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The truth is that 80% of your website’s visitors are not ready to buy. We are experts in lead nurturing, lead scoring and lead automation tools that will allow your sales team to spend less time prospecting and more time communicating with sales-qualified leads. In order to better your closing rates, we can implement tactics such as lead scoring tools that combine demographics and behaviour to ensure that you’re attracting the most closable leads first.


We will continue to grow and engage with your customer base, turning them into promoters of your company and your products. It’s important to continue communication with customers, especially after a purchase has been made. The techniques and tactics we integrate into our inbound marketing strategies include, but are not limited to, trigger marketing, social media monitoring and dynamic content.

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