What are the Must-Have Tools for Successful Inbound Marketing?

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Toronto Inbound marketing has become one of the important elements of digitization. The marketers are putting their best efforts and good bucks in this particular marketing channel to attract more customers.

With the aid of proper content strategy and branding, you can also utilize this form of marketing to cement your business online. However, for conducting a successful inbound marketing you must use a good number tools as and when required. Intrigued to know? Read on:inbound


Canva is one of the most used tools that all the competent marketers heavily rely on. This online tool aids in forming professional designs for all those digital campaigns. People with little or no designing ability always opt for Canva to generate bespoke designs fitting their needs. You can also avail a lot of features like infographics, presentations, eBooks, social media images etc. to conduct your Toronto inbound marketing infused with colors and captivating designs. The best part is that this is tool offers a wide array of free templates, and images.

HubSpot Workflows

Email marketing is still very much in vogue as a part of IB. To make it effective, without sparing a second opt for HubSpot Workflows. This tool with its innovative features will help you nurture leads until they are converted into the customers. Precisely, by using this tool you can categorize the leads and potentials in accordance with their behaviors and interests. As a result, you can craft tailor-made emails for each individual and add a human touch to your marketing funnel.

Additionally, HubSpot allows the users to automatically update their contact information shortening the sales cycle. Make your email marketing easier and more effective by embracing this tool right away.

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Tracking user experience of the website is an imperative part of online marketing. It gives you all the insights into your sales and user activities. Hotjar is one such tool that let you get necessary feedback and measurable data from your website. It typically comes with a free package. However, if you want to enjoy some extra features, you can utilise the paid option. Some of the benefit-driven characteristics of this tool are:

  1. Conversion funnel analysis
  2. Heat maps
  3. Feedback polls
  4. Data management

HubSpot CRM

If you are brawling to align your sales team in tracking all the nitty-gritty, here is the solution. Harness HubSpot CRM to get the required work done for you. For the last few years, the tool has become an inevitable choice for all the inbound marketers. With its functionality, you have the advantage of filtering and finding customs fields and contacts. This is a free tool. However, if you want to upgrade for some winning characteristics, pay a little money.

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Basecamp is another important tool for carrying out Toronto inbound marketing effortlessly. It helps in tracking the work and managing the team, especially when your team members are working remotely. You can use it to do the following tasks:

  • Regular data backup
  • Set deadlines
  • Create task
  • Conduct discussion related to projects
  • Tag tasks
  • Keep record of files, client feedback etc.


ClickToTweet is the tool that helps you to market your quality content amongst the mass. It basically allows you to generate Tweetable links which the users can share on various platforms. This tool comes with a call-to-action tone which also acts as a catalyst for promoting the blog posts organically.

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A vital aspect of Toronto inbound marketing is to target the niche audience with proper content. However, the marketers often tend to run away from content that will be appealing to the audience. In such a scenario, BuzzSumo is of great help. This tool helps the marketers to research and get buzzing topics for their business. Furthermore, it also provides a comprehensive result of the performance of the blogs.

So, if you are missing out on these tools, stop waiting any further. Get them all to accelerate your inbound marketing tactics.

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