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Integrated marketing refers to the revolutionary approach to marketing that combines the aspects of digital marketing and traditional physical advertising. Emphasis on consistent communication is crucial to target your consumer demographic. The question of why integrated marketing communications are important has a lot to do with connecting with the clientele on a personal level.

While technology is increasingly changing the business landscape, traditional methods of advertising are still relevant. That being said, most companies today heavily invest in digital marketing efforts that include social media marketing and search engine optimization amongst others.

The very essence of integrated marketing is to combine both offline and online marketing strategies. Achieving the perfect balance of digital marketing techniques and physical advertising methods has the potential to increase profit margins due to a significantly increased reach. If companies choose to use integrated marketing, they can provoke the clientele to take action on a consistently communicated message.

So why is integrated marketing so important?

First off, integrated marketing reinforces an already existing message. This reinforcement increases the chance that more and more people will make purchases. There is power in consistency. Secondly, integrated marketing helps to cultivate strong consumer relations that ultimately improve brand loyalty.

A majority of reputable and successful companies employ integrated marketing in a bid to stay competitive. There are several advantages to this marketing strategy, including the following:

  • Bi-directional communication
  • Increased brand reach and recognition
  • Improved analytics
  • Access to untapped consumer demographics

How Can A Business Entity Use Integrated Marketing To Maximize On Its Traffic?

1. Promote Online Marketing Efforts Via Telemarketing Campaigns

These are an excellent opportunity to drive traffic to a company’s website. Mentioning the existence of your products or services on radio and telemarketing messages will attract some attention.

2. Collect Email Addresses

There are several ways a company can build a mailing list. For example, using newsletter sign up forms at business reception desks and asking the customer for their email addresses on the phone or in person.

3. Create Attractive Landing Pages Dedicated To Each Direct-Mail Campaign

Customized web pages aimed at a particular direct-mail campaign make it a whole lot easier to track real-time progress of offline marketing efforts. This segmentation can also be an effective way to encourage customers accustomed to offline mediums to move online mediums.

4. Maintain Constant Correspondence With Clientele

As discussed earlier, maintaining this communication carries its advantages such as brand loyalty and referrals which improve company profit margins. This communication also allows the company to gauge the effectiveness of marketing strategies currently being used.

Dual-channel interaction with your clientele maximizes traffic in the ways mentioned above. As more methods to improve both online and offline marketing experiences pop up, more ways to optimize traffic appear. But as technology evolves, traditional methods of offline marketing continue to play a significant role in the marketing sphere. However, physical marketing efforts are costlier to maintain. If they aren’t properly optimized to target a particular demographic of the consumer population, they more often than not cost the company valuable time and resources.

To conclude, Maximizing the benefits of integrated marketing is a smart move on any entity’s part as the primary goal of a business is to make profits with the minimal possible investments.

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