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There is an immense onus on businesses to focus their growth in the emerging markets for obvious reasons. There is untapped potential and the rate of growth which has been observed is tremendous compared to that in the developed markets. Close to 75% of the world’s population lives in these markets and these countries account for more than 80% of smartphone growth globally.

The last few years have shown the surge in the number of smartphone users across countries like Indonesia and India. Most of these connections are prepaid and for many people the access of internet is only through the mobile device. There is an increased level of dependence on smartphones for activities such as shopping, entertainment, bank transactions in addition to the usual mobile on the go usage.

The growth of eCommerce and mobile internet consumption has further highlighted the importance of being ahead of the game in the SEO business. Staying ahead of the game is essential in the modern digital era for any business and Edkent SEO Service can help you with that.

India has close to 100 million new Internet users in the last year alone. The BRIC nations and many other regions of South East Asia and parts of Africa are also showing promising trends.

These countries, however, are facing a few other obstacles too and these are slowing down the progress. Digital products need to consider several factors prior to entering these markets. Technological and Infrastructural factors are the main obstacles which stops these sections from growing to their maximum potential.

Connection quality and the cost of data are main challenges that developers face. Hence there is greater pressure on the developers of these products to ensure that fluctuation in signal strength doesn’t really affect the user experience and delivery.

Close to a billion people still rely on low s[peed 2 G data and this restricts the access and usage of certain products.  UK is known for its superior data speed while Vietnam, India and Brazil have been troubled with slow speed connections.

The data cost is still a worrying factor in many markets and the fact that people have to be reconsider the connections owing to the high cost is an indication of the clear problem faced by many.

Google is also focused on enhancing their brand presence in these markets and they have adapted a few steps to widen their usage here. They have improved the speed of the search action in some of the emerging markets and have even made some Google products available offline.

The boom of more business and the tech-savvy approach will soon lead to many new websites and the SEO battle will hit full swing.  The massive growth in the Apps industry in these markets has shown the ability of the people to embrace the rather new offerings. Traditional media has reported that there is a loss of marketing revenue to the digital stream and that there is realignment in the approach towards branding and customer service. The boom in the mobile and internet industries have shown the importance of being proactive and the role it plays in reaching out a customer using additional touchpoints.

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