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Having a business plan and creating a website for your business is all good but how to market that business effectively is where most business owners struggle. Lead generation, sales, revenue boost, effective ad copies, social media management, email marketing are all roles a business needs to look into to become profitable. In today’s ever-expanding digital space, making your business stand out is one of the hardest tasks faced by marketers. 

It is advisable to opt for digital marketing services to let the marketing agency experts apply the latest marketing techniques and tactics that can generate leads and help grow your business. A lot of agencies will promise that they will meet your marketing goals and help you achieve high targets. However, not every agency will be able to deliver on these promises. Edkent Media has been in the domain of digital marketing to have experience and knowledge as to how impacts work and we promise what we can deliver! 

You need to have clear set goals that you’d want to achieve and find an agency that can deliver these goals.  You also need to figure out what services you would want to focus on. These services would help fulfill your targets. You could opt for the following services:

  • Local SEO (Google My Business, Reporting, Optimization)
  • On-Page, Off-Page, and Technical SEO Strategies
  • Paid Ad – Google Display Ads (Budget, Content Creation, Campaign Management)
  • Email Strategy (Lead Generation Mails, Follow Up Emails, Database Management, Nurturing Emails)
  • Content Marketing (Content Creation, Blog Strategy, Whitepapers, Content Auditing, Landing Pages)
  • Social Media Marketing (Ad Campaigns, Audience Management, Boosted Posts)

Once you pick a bucket list of services you want an agency to take care of, you’re all set to finding the right digital marketing agency for your business!

Factors to Look For When Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Are the Marketing Methods Current and Up To Date?

Digital marketing is a forever-changing landscape and marketers need to stay updated with the latest changes and trends. Google is constantly changing and updating its policies and algorithms that could impact your website positively or negatively. Not just Google but other platforms such as Bing, Facebook, Amazon Ads, Quora, etc. constantly roll out new policies that you must abide by. Always ask the digital marketing agency how aware they are of the recent changes being made and how they’re tackling said changes. Are they constantly following Google’s new policies? Are they subscribed to newsletters about social media, PPC campaigns, etc. keeping their knowledge updated? 

You should feel confident that the agency you’re working with takes the marketing world seriously and is constantly on top of the new methods rolling out. 

Do They Have a Well-Rounded Team?

Marketing can never happen in silos. Every aspect of marketing is interlinked and more often than not, more than one team ends up working on a project or task. Even if you’re looking to outsource only a core focus area of marketing to the agency, you must be confident that they are well versed and hold expertise in other areas as well.

For example, if you’re looking to outsource Paid Ads, the agency needs a good content team to be able to come up with effective copies, good designers that can make compelling designs, and a knowledgeable paid advertising team that knows all about budget management and keyword strategies. Hence look for a well-rounded agency.

What is Their Work Culture Like?

This is a subjective question but an important one nonetheless. You would be working with the agency for a certain period of time. It is important that your working style and vibes have a match. You should study what the agency’s work culture is like if they support extracurricular activities, are they formal and serious during meetings, what is the management style like, etc. These factors will help determine how the team works. If there is good teamwork, you can expect good outcomes from them.

Their Current Website Design

Digital marketing agencies can be notorious for making big claims and how good they are at website design, SEO, and other services. A good practice would be to study their current website. Check to see if it is up to date, is implementing good SEO practices, and has good graphics and text. These are some of the key elements marketing campaigns need. The agency should be able to utilize these skills on their website as well. They should be able to practice what they preach. 

Look Into the Claims They Make

There are certain claims and promises that can and should be maintained. This includes sticking to budget spends, meeting deadlines, providing real-time reports. However, be aware of any of the following claims:

  • Immediate or quick results
  • Guaranteeing a #1 position on Google
  • Claiming they can get specific email open rates
  • Reaching specific metrics on social media (likes, comments, shares, follows)
  • Achieving 100% health in terms of SEO without any negative impacts

Such claims are impossible for any marketer to meet given the frequency with which Google’s algorithm changes. Be aware of bogus claims and understand what you are being offered and if it is achievable. Do not buy into tall claims. 

Why Edkent Media is Your Top Choice for Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

Edkent Media has been working with a plethora of clients. Be it in the domain of health, e-commerce, home improvement, or transport, our team is well versed with the different marketing landscapes in the market. We have a team of dedicated professionals, each bringing in rich experience and expertise in their respective domains. Be it graphic design, content, social media, or SEO: our team has worked on multiple projects with promising results for our clients. Contact us at (647) 361-1074 to book a consultation today!