5 Pragmatic Steps for Your Law Firm to Get More Clients

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Even a decade ago, advertising of the law firms was way different than that of now. It used to be apparently easy and costlier too. The lawyers earlier used to splash out huge sum on creating commercials, Yellow Book ads, pamphlets etc. to acquire more clients. It is not to deny that the campaigns were effective. However, these were not much trackable.

Time has advanced and so as technology. So, instead of investing in traditional marketing, people are implementing the tactics of SEO for lawyers. Living in the digital-first world, marketers are harnessing this particular form of digital marketing to boost their businesses online.

However, law firms are always a step behind when it comes to use of technology. Being a smart owner, don’t let that happen in your case. Live in reality to have more and more reliable source of leads. Implementing best practices of SEO for lawyers, you can get leads that convert 12x better.

Before plunging into the steps to increase the leads, here’s a quick detail on search engine optimization for better comprehension.

SEO for lawyers

Why SEO?

Search engine optimization is the new-age grooming kit for any business. It is used to amp up the online presence in order to rank higher in the SERPs. Hence, to get through your potential clients at the very moment when they are searching for services alike, SEO is the ultimate guide.

This is the underlying reason why SEO-bounded law firms have a 12% close rate when compared to those outbound leads obtained from print ads.

How it Works?

The virtual world runs on algorithms which the human brains fail to surpass. So, Google and other search engines use the algorithms and here is where SEO comes into the play. The bots and spiders with the use of AI & machine learning help the users to provide relevant results based on their search terms.

These search terms are the keywords that do the trick. To break it up in the simplest most form:

Google including the rest search engines is no less than a vast online library with a countless number of books. Consider your business to be a book in this very library. Also consider, there are thousands of more books which share the same genre as yours. Now comes the question- how will you route the readers to your pages instead of your competitors?

So, all you need to play your cards right and get the SEO done in the most efficacious way. Hiring a competent agency of SEO for lawyers seems to be a smart decision. Below given are the few techniques they will implement to skyrocket your business.

Keywords Should be the Primary Focus

Keywords are supposedly the backbone of SEO. So, picking the right and relevant set of keywords is the point blank way to enhance lead of your business. The in-house SEO analysts usually come up with the set of words which has commercial value. Moreover, after conducting thorough research, they provide a list of keywords with high search volume.

Work More on Technical SEO

This tip deals with proper cleansing of your website and getting rid of all the trash. You need to keep the design simple which is easy to operate. Of course from the users’ perspective! Apart from that, you need to consider the following aspects too:

  • Speed: Test the website speed at a regular interval
  • Security: Make it cyber-attack proof
  • Mobile-first: Have a mobile-friendly website
  • Schema-markup: Ally with this type of HTML markup

SEO for lawyers

Fight Your Immediate Competitors

After getting the keywords and technical SEO on point, being a marketer you find the way out to stack up to your peers. For instance, you may work on the content quality of your website. Posting SEO content on the third party sites is also a smart way to boost the ranks with effective backlinks. There are literally dozens of factors and ways that will alleviate your search rankings. To do it in the most functional form, hire a professional SEO for lawyers.

Optimize the Web Pages

Optimization of your existing web pages is another important aspect to which you must pay heed. You need to make that every page has a proper title tag and meta description. Putting the right keywords happens to be the smartest move. Additionally, you also need to ensure that the key phrase is used in the right proportion throughout the landing page.

That’s all! Appoint an eminent SEO for lawyers and get them done effortlessly.

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