Questions a Lawyer Must Hiring Before Hiring a PPC Company

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Marketers including the lawyers are investing in PPC campaigns to leverage their business. This is because when it comes to pay-per-click campaigns, calling the experts in is supposedly the best resort. Successful lawyers usually hire the best SEO company for lawyers to reap maximum benefits from the campaigns.

However, it is certainly not true that every attorney can garner quality traffic and leads after hiring an SEO agency. Lack of competency and knowledge of an agency pose to be the primary reasons for witnessing multiple failed attempts. Needless to mention, even if the marketing campaigns don’t generate leads, the hired agency charge a flat fee as a part of the deal. Therefore, you ought to thoughtful enough before taking the final leap.

To make PPC campaigns effective, recruiting a leading SEO company for lawyers is the viable option. And there lies the stumbling block. Among so much gimmicks and fake reports, it becomes difficult for the lawyers to choose the best. A gamut of PPC agencies often mishandle their clients’ budget and fail to provide zero ROI.

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Of course, you don’t want your law firm to flounder dealing such conundrums. So, act your profession to deal with the issue. Precisely, proper interrogation will help you to fetch a reputable SEO company for lawyers. However, to keep the conversation effective, you must ask certain questions that will align with PPC campaigns.

How to manage the Google Quality score?

Google Quality score is an integral part and it is based on 3 elements namely: keyword, landing page and ad text. In order to render a high score, a SEO company for lawyers must blend all these elements in the correct proportion.

Usually, a professional company uses few yet relevant keywords along with smaller targeted ad groups. This is one of the smartest hacks to curate more and more targeted copy that hit with the niche audience. In short, PPC experts must be able to generate Quality score to improve the campaigns.

How does Ad Rank affect CPC?

You must stay familiar with the term CPC. It means the total amount you will be charged per click. Usually, the marketers pay the amount the nominal amount necessary to hold their ad positions. Ads that appear higher on the search engines tend to be charged more. Needless to say, higher the position of the ads, higher the charge will be. So, make sure about your needs and requisites to have a check on PPC budget.

What is the mechanism of Google Auction?

The process of Google Auction goes somewhat like this:

  • With the input of a user’s search, AdWords pulls all the relevant ads matching with the keywords.
  • From the horde of ads, the odd ones are filtered right away.
  • The remaining ads with a higher rank will show up in the results.

The importance of Google Auction is crucial for PPC campaigns. So, before deciding on an agency, make sure the company has substantial knowledge to get involved in this process. A lot depends on such auction, so make your selection with care.

What is CTR and its calculation process?

Also known as click-through-rate, this is another important element of PPC. It is a ratio which displays the number of people clicked on the ad after seeing it. In this case, more the number of CTR, higher will be the website traffic. So, the main purpose of CTR is to drive quality traffic to your law firm website.

In the simplest form, CTR is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions. To assess the competency of any PPC agency, make sure to shoot this question and see how good they are in explaining this aspect.

How to fight the negative keywords?

According to the norm set by Google, any keyword that prevents from being triggered by certain words or phrases is known as negative keywords. So, the company must have expertise to dig out such keywords and fight them accordingly to improve the ranking of the ads.

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How is the result tracked?

Many of such AdWords campaign companies are running their business in broad daylight without having skill it proper tracking. Tracking the exact conversion rates in PPC is no child’s play. Judge their expertise by asking for earlier clients’ conversion rates with minute details.

Detailed account of 3rd Party Tool

Make sure they are aware of other third party tools apart from Google’s search query. SEMrush, Bing Keyword Research Tool, & SpyFu, to name a few, make to the list of must-use tools for PPC.

Keep in mind these questions and shoot them all to appoint a standard SEO company for lawyers for functional PPC campaigns.

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