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Linkless mentions seem like a hard exercise to imagine but this route has been adopted by several site builders. Search engines have tried to rank sites irrespective of the links thereby reducing the influence of links. SEO Company Edkent Media has some few insights on different factors used to judge and rank site and the relevance.


Other factors are also used to judge and rank the site and its relevance.

  • Age of the domain and Volume of traffic received- While most may argue that the age is extremely important to enhance the ranking, it isn’t the most important parameter. However for a new site, domain ag e is a factor, since it is just beginning to share content and it will be harder to get ranked. Over a period of time, site rankings will improve on the basis that good content has been shared.
  • Recency of contact – Being regular in sharing content helps improve the traffic and views on the website thereby aiding the ranking. Building a regular habit or routine of updating and sharing content and posts will show that the activity level is on the higher side.
  • Relevancy of content – Share sensible content that is relevant to your business and the visitors will find genuine value in the same.
  • Social significance –Having more followers and ensuring that the posts are optimized helps to rank the site higher. Factors of authority & engagement gain massively from having greater social connections. Since Facebook and Twitter posts are treated like a website on the search page, these posts can definitely enhance the ranking. An active social presence and a good network can grow the brand reputation and helps in improving the customer service, and brings in a better flow of visitors.


Brand mentions without links could potentially send signals to search engines leading to a positive or negative impact according to the quality. The search engines’ crackdown on link spam, has led to the renewed SEO strategy. Traditionally the links have been helpful in providing an effective filter which helps identify the quality content.

The ultimate objective of the search engine is to identify the pages people think are valuable. Linking to a business is something that people value when they realize that it is an important entity. In an ideal situation, any business owner would like the customers to mention his/her brand and thereby contribute to referral clients. There is a lot to gain from these mentions on social mediums and other websites.

Individuals on social media with positive reviews can positively influence the traffic and affinity towards a brand and can play the role of an influencer.  No link is essential here to aide traffic growth and ranking.

Word-of-mouth marketing, which has a wide range of influence, also works wonders for brands since it interlinks multiple channels in the social and digital medium. Marketers have realized that word-of-mouth marketing is definitely more customer centric in nature and have the ability to even convert itself into a campaign of viral nature. While there is no certain way of plotting a viral campaign, it is pretty evident that a lot of market research goes into it. Identifying an audience which may take to the product who in turn serve as the messengers in the market is the essential step here. Images, Videos, Ads, short films have been viral owing to a combination of right marketing and the right actions being taken at the right time. There is an element of luck involved as well but this factor alone cannot drive a campaign or a product.

Some of these practices may seem like a challenge. Dealing with an expert helps you stay on top of the game in the digital space.

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