Businesses who want to achieve success in digital marketing needs to take advantage of location-based strategy. In fact, many businesses and SEO professionals will take the first step by creating a Google My Business listing page.

For years, businesses used to take the help of Phone directories or Yellow Pages in order to put themselves on the map. Only then the targeted customers got the chance to know about the business. With times starting to change, businesses are becoming more online. Hence, businesses are shifting to online listing, such as Google My Business (GMB).

What Is Google My Business (GMB)?

GMB is a free tool that is offered by Google and it is designed to help business owners manage their online presence all over the search engines. It can also help a business to manage the growing portfolio of utilities, i.e. helping brands to get better exposure.

Need to Use It

It is very well known that when a business gets listed on a Google My Business, it can also increase the chance of a business to show up in the Google’s Local Park, Google Maps, Local Finder, and also in the organic rankings.

Qualifying local businesses can make use of this free listing on Google and it should include certain information’s, such as information about the company, company’s phone number, address, business hours, and also the type of payment accepted.

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

How to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

How Is It Helping Businesses?

Well, if you haven’t made use of GMB yet, you should use it immediately. It would not only help to claim and verify your business, it can also help to grab the attention if the viewers.

Google has been adding many features to Google My Business so that companies can take full advantage of it. The features would not only boost the Google My Listing of the business, but it can also help to increase the rank in local search results.

Businesses, in order to claim and verify their Google My Business Listing, should visit the respective website. However, it has been seen that many local businesses just assert their GMB listing and forget about it totally. Most businesses don’t realize that there are a variety of other features which Google provides to business owners so that they can use it to optimize their Google My Business listing. In fact, it is important for businesses to frequently check their business listing. Well, it would help the business to ensure the accuracy remains intact. However, there are many more reasons.

In case, you are looking to optimize the site, you should take the following steps. They are:

Completing All Information Google Asks

Google asks a wide variety of questions to business owners in order to complete the Google My Business Profile. Filling all details would provide a basic data for the potential customers. It is important for the business owner to fill all data. Incomplete data can be easily edited by competitors. Even user-generated changes can be done. The user-generated content helps to build community and also complete the business profile. Once all the GMB listing is verified, checking the listing from time to time is very important. The listing needs to be optimized.

Google My Business Posts

Google Posts are like mini ads which show up in Google search in the Google My Business listing. In order to get started with the posts, one needs to log into the GMB dashboard and one will get to see the post options. One can go creative with the posts and add images, call to action buttons. One can create any kind of informative posts and even if one forgets to create any post, Google would send a reminder. The posts show up in the mobile searches and thus make the website stand out in the search results.

Booking Button Feature

It can easily help a business to stand out from the crowd. If a business depends on customers making an appointment and the site uses integrated scheduling software, people would find it easy to book appointments with the business directly. Hence, this would help a business to get more customers.


Customers and potential customers send text messages. It forms a great channel to get in touch with people directly and engage with the audience looking at the GMB listing. The GMB dashboard offers messaging option and it would allow business to reply to those texts. Someone will be able to message a business when mobile web search on chrome is done.

With GMB listing coming up with so many features, there is no need to optimize the page separately. After all the GMB listing is created in such a way that it remains fully optimized. Along the above options, adding photos, direction, phone call option can optimize the GMB listing easily.