Seo Ottawa


If you had a 24/7 salesman, wouldn’t you want him to be working at his top capacity? Well, you do! It’s your website. If you think about it, it’s open 7 days a week, all year long and never misses a day of work. It does whatever you’ve told it to do, whether it’s pulling in sales, leads or opt-ins.  Its only limitation is its exposure to your target audience.

That’s where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

SEO provides the attention to your star salesman that it deserves, allowing your website to generate at its highest performance level. SEO gives your website the right emphasis and focus that is needed for your marketing arsenal.

SEO is a Key Ingredient

Let’s say that you have recently upgraded your website design and it looks great. The last thing you want to hear is that you need to invest more money into order to be visible to search engines.

But creating a website and then adding SEO onto it afterwards is not how it works. An expert Ottawa SEO company such as Edkent Media knows that SEO needs to be taken into consideration even when you are planning the website’s structure, content management system, web design and URl syntax, in order to achieve the best results for your company.

SEO showcases your business on search engines if it has been effectively woven into your website’s DNA. It helps you tailor your landing pages to satisfy user intent, preserves old rankings that took years to accomplish, and leads consumers along your company’s buying slope or conversion funnel.

How SEO and Social Sharing Connect

Is your company engaged in social media networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn? Content shared by users on these platforms is directed related to SEO parameters such as meta descriptions and title tags. These are what you see when your friends share stories or posts on their wall, or in a share or tweet. Through SEO, your company gains the control of what people read and do on social media sites, which is an extremely valuable tool when trying to target your ideal consumers.

Another way to gain the attraction of your target audience is ensure that your SEO is aligned with the searcher’s intent. The various types of intent typically include navigational, transaction, commercial and informational. SEO has the potential to meet your audience halfway with a targeted, relevant message that not only appeals to their interests but also supplies a solution they were already seeking.

Edkent Media is an internet marketing company with global recognition in regards to Ottawa SEO. We currently have over 1,000 page 1 rankings across search engine platforms such as Google and Bing, for our clients and for our company.

If you are ready to take your company to the next level and start your SEO Ottawa campaign, contact Edkent Media at (647) 352-8700 today!