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Our partnership program is meant for organizations and individuals that are seeking digital marketing services for their clients.

As a specialist agency ourselves, we understand that there are services that you can’t provide because you don’t have the overhead, knowledge, resources or industry insight, to provide the best results.

With our partnership program, we provide your company the value of added services to your current offerings. We can also contribute to your sales process at your discretion and frequency.

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Would You Make A Good Partner?

Based on previous partnerships and overall experience within the digital marketing industry, our partnership program is best suited for the following types of companies:

  • Web Design Firms
  • Non-Digital Advertising Agencies
  • PR Agencies
  • Printing Companies
  • Creative Freelancers
  • Web Hosting Companies
  • Ad Serving Networks
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Why Compete When We Can Collaborate!

3 engagement models that benefit you and us!


Refer to Earn

This is a commission-based arrangement where you earn on every single reference that turns into business for us. The commission rate will depend on the type of project as well as the scale. But you can be rest assured that it would be enough to encourage you to bring in more referrals!



In this arrangement, we take on the role of a third-party agency and your partner on the project. The areas of focus for both of us can be decided based on our core competencies so that we maximize the value for the client. This then becomes a win-win situation!


White Label Arrangement

In this model, you stay at the frontend with the client while we handle things at the backend. We do the legwork in the backend while you handle the client relationship. All the project deliveries are managed under your brand while we remain completely anonymous.

What Are The Benefits Of Our Partnership Programs?

  • Monthly commissions for every client you refer that uses any of our services
  • Increased client loyalty through a comprehensive digital marketing strategy
  • Transparent systems of lead tracking through reports and availability of our business development manager
  • Discounted rate on our services for your own company
  • More business from your existing clients based on our recommendations during the consulting and auditing phases
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