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The adoption rate of mobile devices has drastically increased as it exceeded 80% in 2016. Also, conversion optimization for mobile devices holds more sway as they offer 64% more conversions compared to desktop conversions.

These statistics are something that marketers cannot simply ignore today. Mobile marketing is now incredibly important because of the number of smart devices such as smart phones, tablets, and smart watches that are available today.

So What Is Mobile Marketing?

To define mobile marketing in simplest of terms is focusing your promotional activities for the mobile device users. Through mobile marketing, marketers can share customized, location and time-based messages for more reach, engagement and better ROI.

However, like everything else, mobile marketing is not without its pros and cons. So let’s look into what makes mobile marketing both beneficial and irksome for marketers.

The Pros Of Mobile Marketing:

Offers Immediate Message Delivery

Unlike any other medium, mobile devices offer marketers with the fastest message delivery. The reason is quite simple as customers always have their smartphones and other devices nearby. Natural human response to any notification on their mobile device is to check it as soon as possible. Even if it is on silent mode, your customers will check the message later on.

It’s Less Costly

For those who are savvy in online promotion and metrics, you will be happy to know that the cost per impression is much lower when implementing mobile marketing. Compared to other modes of marketing, a cheaper alternative with better results is always a plus point for digital marketers, and the cost of mobile marketing is considerably less.

The Presentation Takes Less Effort

Compared to desktop computers, mobile screens are smaller, allowing marketers to do more with less. Also, users like to work with shorter messages on their mobile screens. This concept makes it easy for marketers to create content that is straightforward and direct.

It also helps in optimizing the content for mobile screens efficiently so that users can easily read and watch.

Customized Targeting

Mobile devices allow marketers to create campaigns according to their location, time and even their purchase history.

Mobile Payments

With Fintech services such as PayPal and Apple Pay becoming more widely used, marketers can leverage them to get more sales directly from mobile devices. Users can directly purchase products and services without going through the hassle of adding their credit card information, helping to streamline the conversion funnel.

Optimized Social Media Platforms

Almost every major social media platform is optimized for mobile devices. This optimization means that marketers can easily use their paid features, such as sponsored tweets on Twitter or Facebook post promotion, on mobile devices to get more reach and engagement with their target audiences.

The Cons Of Mobile Marketing:

Consumer Privacy

One of the biggest issues highlighted every day is privacy. As a mobile marketer, one has to be meticulously careful in using customer information and only when they allow it. Spamming and using black hat techniques to advertise on mobile devices is not only going to harm your brand but also get you into legal troubles.

Variations Of Mobile Devices

Unfortunately for marketers, the biggest problem in mobile marketing is the numerous mobile devices are in use today. Not only are there different kinds of devices but also various types of operating systems to be considered.

For instance, the mobile screen view on Android-based mobile devices is completely different compared to Apple devices, which have an iOS. Not having one single standard makes it hard for marketers to plan successful campaigns.

Landing Pages Optimization For Mobile Screens

When mobile marketers are creating their campaigns, they want to bring their customers to a specific landing page. Landing pages require optimization for mobile screens to ensure a seamless user experience. Optimizing for mobile screens is tough because of the code. Sometimes, the code develops bugs while in other cases the design just doesn’t work out on the mobile screen as well as it did on the desktop computer.

Mobile marketing is imperative today because customers use their mobile devices to access the internet more than every before. As per our assessment, the pros of mobile marketing outweigh the cons.

So it is time you join the party, assess your current marketing strategy and make your brand stand out online. Book a consultation with Edkent Media to get started.