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The most important aspect for ensuring that your business is found on search engines is SEO. It is crucial to have a functional, well-designed and informative website to capture your target audience’s attention. But this means nothing without any traffic to visit the website in the first place.

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Make your local business stand out from your competitors and generate evergreen customers.

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Inkas Armored Vehicle Manufacturing SEO Case Study 1

Our client specializes in the design and production of a wide range of armored vehicles, including executive SUVs, luxury sedans, special purpose military vehicles, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and others.

The Challenge

Although our client was receiving traffic to its website, this traffic was heavily dependent on paid advertising, which was proving costly to our client. They wanted to reduce their ad spends and increase traffic to their website through organic results, which they conveyed would convert better for them.

Key SEO Tactics

– Launched link outreach campaign for organic white hat links.

– Interlinked pages for better user experience and interlinking structure.

– Optimized title tags and Meta description tags based on enhanced keyword research.

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Tridel Real Estate, Case Study, EdKent Media, June 2019-01

Tridel Real Estate SEO Case Study 2

Our client has been a leader in condominium living for over 80 years. They are passionate about creating homes that are healthy for the people and the planet.

The Challenges

Our client had been ranked quite highly on Google and was enjoying organic traffic and leads with their existing setup. But their link-building techniques were outdated, which had caused their rankings to drop significantly and, therefore, reduced their leads. They wanted to increase their rankings organically on Google and generate more qualified leads.

Tailored SEO Plan and Link Building Tactics

We develop a link building plan that is long lasting and includes highly competitive keywords that need a link building campaign of their own to gain higher rankings. Variations of their keywords are used in backlinks, which have given the site the perfect balance and density. Increasing the number of links that point back to their website for top quality websites is another plan has been implemented on the site, and it helped to increase the company’s overall traffic and ranking.

– Integrated form and call tracking so lead sources were identifiable.

– Optimized the website after identifying the main keywords.

– Created new landing pages that highlight the clinic’s unique features to enhance paid campaigns.

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Amplifon Hearing Aid SEO Case Study 3

Our client is a global leader in the hearing care retail market. The group employs 16,000 people worldwide and operates through a network of around 11,000 points of sale in 29 countries and 5 continents. They provide personalized solutions and unique customer care to hearing-impaired people.

The Challenge

Our client possesses a tremendous corporate web infrastructure with hundreds of pages being indexed, making the task even more precarious.

Key SEO Tactics

– Audited website and implemented proper data migration without dampering the rankings and indexed pages.

– Developed new and unique content for 350+ pages across 61 points of sales in Canada.

– Started a link outreach campaign to get the best quality white hat backlinks to give their website authority to compete against their competitors.

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Amplifon Hearing Aid, Case Study, EdKent Media, 500 x 400, June 2019-01

Have Your SEO Plans Executed with EdKent

Our SEO services are based around building relevance and trust. A search engine isn’t just going to rank your website, you need to persuade it to do so. If you attempt to take shortcuts, it won’t lead to results in the long term.

Properly targeted keywords on each web page tell search engines what they are about. Search engines then use this knowledge to decide how relevant each page is to a searcher’s query. In order to conclude if a website is trustworthy or not, search engines utilize their complex algorithms that evaluate the quality of inbound links. Your website ranking, based upon search engines, highly favour trustworthiness and relevance as major factors.

Our SEO specialists help to grow your website’s leads and traffic by enhancing your site for keywords that are relevant in your industry and adding links.

Our SEO services are as follows:

Local SEO
SEO Audits
Keyword Research
Link Building
Page Speed Repairs
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