SEO and copywriting- Tips to write captivating content


  • Identify your audience -Know the mindset and the desired tone of communication to connect better with the audience. Understanding tastes, motives and current trends help to build a rapport with the audience instantly.
  • Powerful messages- The headline can win the battle for content in no time. A powerful and well thought of headline can help draw traffic and makes a brilliant first impression. With a strategic approach to SEO involved, the desired goal can be achieved.
  • Using titles with a number in it– Data and number driven titles appeal to the readers. People like to learn something when they read content and the presence of a number immediately gains their attention. (5 reasons to…, 10 ways you can…10 stats that prove…)
  • Use Subheads- Sub headers also enable the readers to spend time on content by guiding them through it. This also helps to be found on the search engine.
  • Good font and structure- A font that makes it easy for people to read without being stressed helps to ensure minimum readability. The font size and color adds to the usability and this ensures that the content is a lot safer. Having a great web designs with structured content creates a professional look for your website visitor.
  • Bold letters and Italics- Using italics and bold letters helps to ensure that certain part of your content stands out from the rest. This draws more attention to the content and is definitely a healthy habit in writing.It adds character and priority to the material.
  • Shorten Paragraphs – Longer blogs seems to be performing better than shorter ones. But shorter paragraphs are more reader friendly. 4-5 sentence long paragraphs seem to be the common choice for most SEO bloggers.
  • Using the right set of words- A good copywriter knows the importance of using words which are capable of having a great impact on the reader. The same content would sound a lot more powerful and emphatic if the appropriate words are used. This doesn’t necessarily mean complex words or long words.
  • Choosing the right voice – Using the active voice helps in maintaining a certain level of energy in the content and feels a lot more refreshing and thought provoking.
  • Avoid keyword abuse- The reader is bound to get irritated by the overdose of keywords. Let’s not forget that the reader is engaged in the content owing to what it returns to them. An abuse of keywords doesn’t have a positive impact on the reader. The ability to tell a tale or update an incident is of utmost importance.
  • Frequent updates- Search engines usually rank recent posts higher than the older updated content. The freshness and relevance of the content is vital to staying high on the SEO ranks owing to the greater interest level it creates amongst the visitors.
  • Images for more views- Articles with images, videos and GIFs deliver much higher rate of visits and is capable of ensuring that the visitors spend more time on these pages. These images can also be SEO optimized using the ALT tag


  • Relevant links can be used to support resources and references in the content. These outbound links help in securing a higher rank especially when linked to sites with good credentials. Similarly internal links can also be sued to lead the visitors to other pages or topics within your own site. This helps to index the pages of the website.

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