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I am absolutely blown away by the marketing strategy provided by Edkent! I am impressed by the consistent and cohesive messaging across all channels - social media, email marketing, website copy; you name it. A lot of thought and effort has gone into crafting a brand identity that caters to my target audience. But what makes Edkent great is its focus on creating innovative and creative ideas. Every piece of content they produce, every promotion they run, feels like it's been well thought of. Edkent understood what I wanted. I will highly recommend Edkent to everyone. Keep up the great work!

OwnerIndustrial Manufacturing company

Working with Edkent Media is such a joy ride. As a law firm, we want to ensure that we can offer help to the maximum number of people in need. Edkent has paved the way for us to meet our objectives with ease and grace. Since our partnership with them, we have witnessed a heightened level of website traffic and an increase in the number of clients thanks to their advanced Paid marketing campaigns. Working with Edkent is like a dream come true.

Vice Presidentlaw firm based in Ottawa

They surpassed our expectations and gave us more than we imagined. We have been working with Edkent Media for over two years now, and we cannot be happier. Prior to working with them, we ranked somewhere on the fourth or fifth page of the search engine results page, but now we rank in the top three of the first page. Edkent has helped us with our Organic search rankings big time, and we are witnessing an all-time high number of daily visitors!

OwnerResidential maintenance firm

Ten on ten! These guys deserve even more. They have strengthened our social media by leaps and bounds. Edkent, in two months, has managed to do what I have been trying to do for the past 3 years. Thanks to my social media, my sales inquiries have shot up through the roof, and I have Edkent to thank for this.

OwnerJewellery supplies

I am excited to share my experience with the design services of Edkent. The design that they produced for my project was outstanding. From the moment we started working together, the designers were attentive, professional, and patient in understanding my specific requirements. The team asked me questions to gain a clear insight into my idea, and they were able to translate it into visually stunning unique designs. Kudos to the team for their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring I was happy with the final product.

OwnerManufacturing Company

As per a survey, there are approximately 1.24 billion active websites in the world. Now, each day new websites are cropping up but not many of them survive. The reason is be it business, or e-commerce or anything, the website competition online is gargantuan. In order for a website to thrive it needs a generous amount of organic traffic.

However, the trick to steadfast traffic is good SEO; so if you’re looking to boost website traffic, then we here have the answers. Given below are 7 expert tips to boost your Mississauga Search Engine Optimization and improve website traffic.

Reliable Content

Framing reliable content is easier said than done. However, it is not impossible. On the World Wide Web, there are millions of people who write and frame content on the same set of keywords and topics.

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Image Optimization

Add proper images with tags, Meta tags and preferable targeted keywords within them. An image is optimal for making a website more attractive; however, the search engine by itself cannot identify the content of an image. Instead, it’s the write-ups and tagline that help the search engine to optimize an image.

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SSL Certificates

Website security is essential for both users and business online. No user wants to click on a site that is not secure and risk the chance of potential virus attacks or hacking. Hence, try to get an SSL certificate for your website. An SSL certificate changes a site’s HTTP:// into https:// that undoubtedly makes the site more reliable to search engines.

Hence, sites with https:// are much likely to rank high and garner adequate traffic.

Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions

Meta tiles are the titles that appear on SERP’s, the ideal title tag as per Google’s algorithms should be under 60 character and contain the primary keyword. The Meta description is the portion that appears below the title and summarizes the content.

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Long Tail Keywords

Due to the popularity of artificial intelligence and the advent of voice search, more and more people are using long tail keywords. Now, these long tail keywords are difficult to frame, however, it’s wise to do research and search for keywords that stand out of the crowd.

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Try and opt for featuring content that generates suitable backlinks. The number of backlinks you get for your website the better the content. Moreover, when Google will view that your website has adequate backlink it’ll comprehend that your website is top-notch and feature it at the top of SERP. Hence, this will improve traffic to your site while boosting your Mississauga Search Engine Optimization.

Mobile friendly

From Japan to the USA, recent updates by Google showcase that there are more mobile searches on the internet today than Desktop. Hence, contact a reliable website design company and opt for making websites mobile friendly. Easy scrolling, less loading time, adequate graphics etc. will help to make your website mobile friendly.

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