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#1 Pickering SEO Company | Edkent Media

SEO Pickering – Your website has the potential to qualify, generate and attract new prospects, customers, investors, and partners. But if your website can’t be found on search engine page results, how are these people supposed to find you? This is where Edkent Media’s team of SEO specialists can help with inbound marketing.

There is a common misconception that search engine optimization is just about keeping bounce rates down, ranking a website in search engine results, and getting more click and views to a website.

Although these are still the main goals, there are new techniques that make SEO effective. At Edkent Media, we root our SEO strategies around your company’s goals and objectives and around the consumer’s psychology in your target market and segment.

The bottom line is that SEO will get your business noticed, cherished and found.

Do you want to see your company’s website on the 1st page of Google? Contact Edkent Media to book a free consultation and watch your ranking increase before your very eyes.

Using Keyword Research to Find Your Target Audience

SEO Pickering – The foundation of every successful SEO and inbound marketing strategy is keyword research. In order to understand how your customers are searching for your products and services, it is imperative to optimize your website and content. When potential customers search for a keyword that is associated with your business, you want to ensure that your website comes up in the results. Our team of SEO experts performs keyword research and analysis so your company can benefit from the following:

  • Highly qualified website traffic from relevant search terms
  • Continuous keyword analysis to improve upon your website’s performance
  • Creation and execution of short-term and long-term SEO goals
  • Capitalize on ranking opportunities and keyword trends

At Edkent Media, we offer extensive keyword research and analysis strategies such as standard keyword research, competitor analysis, and ongoing keyword trends monitoring on a monthly basis.

Do you want to start speaking your customers’ language? Target the keywords your potential customers are actually looking for online. With Edkent Media, get your website more targeted traffic with keyword research and analysis. Contact us to book a free consultation and start seeing your sales grow.

Maximize Your Company’s Visibility with Local Pickering SEO Optimization

SEO Pickering – How people search online is changing. In more recent years, people tend to use mobile and local search to make purchases, find information and search for local businesses. This means that the approach to search engine optimization needs to change as well. It is no longer enough to have your company’s website only visible in organic search results. It is now necessary for your website to be optimized so users can find your business when they are using their mobile devices and local search optimization. When you invest in local SEO, your company benefits from the following:

  • Increased brand awareness and conversion rates
  • More high-quality website traffic
  • Targeted customer groups and specific keywords
  • Broadened customer base and increased sales
  • More visibility on search engine results pages

Do you want to take advantage of these benefits for your company? Contact Edkent Media to book a free consultation and see your website traffic skyrocket.

What You Get with Edkent Media’s Local Search Optimization

When you work with Edkent Media, you are working with the best SEO company in Pickering. With a local SEO strategy in place, we start to produce results with the following features:

Local Search Citation Building – By adding your website to relevant business directories, we build local search citations over time. This helps to increase your search visibility to your local customers and verify your business information.

Review Sites and Premium Local Directories – By building up your Google+ and Yelp profiles and premium local directory listings, we improve your brand and attract traffics, citations and links. This builds your business authority with your local customer base and increases your brand awareness.

Local SEO Competition Analysis – We perform an analysis of your main competition to see who is currently ranking in local results. This helps our SEO experts to find relevant keywords and identify opportunities to build citations and improve your brand visibility.

Online Reviews Monitoring – We track and monitor all your company’s online reviews using proprietary software. We provide you with monthly reports so you are able to improve and manage the online reputation of your business.

Are you ready to get more visibility from your local audience? Contact Edkent Media to book a free consultation and see how the effects local SEO can have on your company’s growth.

How a Google Penalty Can Affect Your Website Rankings and Traffic

SEO Pickering – If your website has been hit by a Google penalty, you website profiles seems to be over-optimized or unnatural. When this happens, Google thinks that you took short cuts to try and scam the system or were trying too hard to rank your website (no matter if this is true or not).

At Edkent Media, our Google Penalty Identification Assessment is a service we provide to analyse your website and identifies the following:

  • If there is a penalty issued against your website
  • What kind of penalty your website was affected by
  • A plan to address the penalty including an immediate course of action

How Do Google Penalties Work?

There are updates, modifications, and changes made to Google’s algorithm more than 550 times a year. This means the techniques used to rank websites are constantly changing. When large updates occur, they are often accompanied by penalties that indicate your website is not in accordance with Google’s guidelines. The following are the two main types of penalties:

Manual Penalties – These penalties are issued by a human reviewer when Google’s algorithm can’t decide whether a website should receive a penalty or not.

Algorithmic Penalties – These penalties are entirely automated. Google’s algorithm detects rules that have been broken and penalizes your website accordingly.

Has your website been hit by a Google Penalty? Find out today by contacting Edkent Media today.

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