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Get your business to the level you always knew it was capable of achieving.

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Increase you profits that easily surpass the cost of your SEO campaigns.

Reduce Stress

Benefit from an expert digital marketing team that will help reduce stress.

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Increase your business’s brand awareness and receive more online reviews.

Better Use of Your Time

Utilize your time more effectively on business development and growth.

Dominate Google

Dominate organic search results, on Google and Bing, within 6-12 months.

Websites that Drive Results

Websites should increase sales, leads, and deeper engagement at a measurable rate. Websites aren’t to do more than just look pretty. A brand’s website needs to act as a part of your sales team, contributing to lead generation and sales nurturing efforts. Our web design services include the following:

Competitor analysis and thorough planning
Design processes focused on the customer
Incorporation of marketing and strategic insight
Results-driven design process and workflow

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Landing Pages

Ecommerce Websites

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Our Process



Discovery page – Based on the information that’s filled in, we learn more about your business and the scope of the industry itself.

Analysis of current online presence – We run an audit to assess the weaknesses and strengths of your website. This helps in attaining a quick overview of the situation in hand and helps to lay out a few basic remedies to grow your business.

Industry research – Since every SEO strategy differs based on the industry that the client operates in, the team at Edkent Media evaluates the industry, the nature of business and the buyer’s persona to ensure that the SEO is crafted basis the industry requirement.

Competition analysis – once we’ve understood the industry, we identify the top performers in the industry and perform a gap analysis to judge the shortcomings of your website. This lays the foundation to the SEO strategy.



Keyword research and optimization based – Based on our understanding of the industry and the buyer, we identify the top performing keywords. These keywords are crucial since they deliver the highest revenue generation opportunities. After this, we form the strategy to maximize your brand’s visibility for these keywords.

Link building campaign – Based on the gap analysis and the industry, we work towards naturally building your brand’s presence on the internet.

Content marketing – Keeping the top performing keywords in mind, we build exciting and interesting content that helps to increase the buzz around your brand. Carefully crafted content can work wonders to increase the overall authority of your brand.

Overview of SEO with timelines – Once the strategy is laid out, we provide an overview of all the activities that are involved in this project and schedule them accordingly on a project management template. This helps our team and our clients to keep track of progress.

Client Onboarding

Client Onboarding

Get introduced to an account manager– Once we begin your project, you are assigned an account manager. The account manager is directly accessible via email or phone and performs the responsibility of a responsible growth expert. The account manager identify key metrics for your campaigns and manages the flow of tasks for your projects.

Basic details are shared before beginning the SEO project – The on boarding process includes transfer of some key information such as username, login passwords etc.

Routines for project reporting and progress tracking is determined – Based on our clients’ availability, we incorporate a regular schedule for reporting and progress tracking. This helps us to maintain a transparent approach to all our project operations.

Establish campaign goals and expectations– During the onboarding process, all the goals and expectations are defined so as to eliminate any room for confusion. It’s nice to have everyone on the same page and this helps in the smooth progress of the project.

Strategy Execution

Strategy Execution

Incorporate analytics to ensure efficient data capturing and reporting – All our efforts are well tracked and we thrive on inferences made from data that is captured efficiently. We incorporate analytics to ensure that every action taken has a strategic purpose to serve and the impact of this task is assessed.

Create, share and execute tasks basis the requirement – We build our strategy and share a task list that basically keeps the project in check. We perform the tasks as defined in this list till we hit the desired goals.

Launch content marketing activities to support link building– Along with our link building activities, we also launch our content marketing campaign. Regular efforts are made to stay fresh and updated since Well-crafted content for the right audience delivers the best results



Dominate – Once the SEO efforts begin to show a significant improvement in rankings, we then begin our focus on brand dominance and work towards increasing the flow of meaningful traffic to your website.

Identify new keywords – Keeping in mind brand supremacy as a target, we identify new keywords to increase the flow of meaningful traffic to solidify the rankings.

Data analysis and reporting– Use the data from the campaign performance, we review the work that’s done and tactfully add tasks to take your brand to the pinnacle of the SERP.

Client Success

Our client is a fully licensed and insured Canadian law firm focusing immigration law.

They were ranking on pages 4 and 5 on Google, but wanted to rank on the top half of page 1. Their website wasn’t user friendly and its loading time was high leading to a high bounce rate. The ratings on their business listings were non-existent, so they were unable to showcase their credibility and trust to potential clients.

Our SEO campaign brought our client from pages 4 and 5 to page 1 on Google for their targeted keywords.
Our social media campaign increased their Facebook page likes by 93.75%
Our PPC campaign decreased our client’s cost per lead by 62.5%

Client Success

Our client specializes in designing and producing a range of armored vehicles, including luxury sedans, executive SUVs, and special purpose military vehicles.

Although our client was receiving traffic to its website, this traffic was heavily dependent on paid advertising. They wanted to reduce its ad spends and increase traffic through organic results, which they conveyed would convert better for them.

Our SEO campaign generated a 125% increase in website traffic for our client
Organic website leads have increased 112% since the SEO campaign launched
Our client now averages 650 organic visitors to its website every month.


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Local SEO

Local Toronto SEO is a continuous process with predetermined online strategies, which improve your company’s website overall ranking in Google’s local search results. With local SEO services, your company will:

Gain more traffic from highly searched and relevant keywords to your website
Increase the number of leads from your website, both form fill-outs and phone calls.
Maximize its local online visibility and pinpoint its target audience to enhance full potential

Keyword Research

Every successful SEO strategy starts with a the right keywords and phrases. At Edkent Media, we are able to find and identify highly searched keywords, helping your website receive targeted visitors. With keyword research, we:

Perform keyword research based on your  company’s targets, such as industry and audience
Discover what your customers are curious about and create relevant content based upon those topics
Create your audience with keyword and topics that are geared towards your specific products

SEO Strategy

In order to improve your company’s search engine rankings, an SEO strategy based on competitor analysis and a technical SEO audit needs to be developed. At Edkent Media, we develop an SEO strategy that will:

Build a set of action items and guidelines that need to be addressed immediately
Give your company a specific schedule outlining a clear path to success.
Identify KPIs and individual milestones that are achievable and realistic

Social SEO

The importance of the signals received from social media has increased over the years. The purpose of Social SEO is to increase exposure and build brand awareness, a combination of content marketing and a social media campaign. With Social SEO, your company will:

Improve its awareness of services and products through your follower and subscriber base
Boost its engagement metrics, such as the number of likes on your posts and you company page
Have content go viral that focuses on the areas in your business that you want to promote.

SEO Audit

At Edkent Media, we analyze your website’s technical condition and the competitive landscape of your company’s industry. With this research, we are able to strategize a way to better promote your business. With an SEO Audit, we:

Provide your company with step-by-step instructions on how you can improve organize search exposure
Look into your company’s industry to gain an in-depth understanding of the niches and areas you want to target
Analyze your website’s search engine friendliness, including errors, back linking, content architecture and page speed

Content Marketing

Companies that provide buyers with the information they are searching for online are enabling themselves as thought-leaders in their specific industry. With Edkent Media’s content marketing strategy to address prospects, we:

Evaluate your website performance, distribution channels, target audiences and content categories to identify more opportunities
Create top-quality content such as blog posts, articles, white papers, infographics and more
Spread your content to major publishers (Forbes, Huffington Post etc.), social media channels and search engines

Influencer Endorsed Backlinks

Building the best link baiting strategy involves creating content that is developed to increase your website visitors numbers and get your company noticed. With influencer endorsed backlines, we:

Identify the best ways and best topics to boost your website’s direct traffic
Reach out to influencers to build mutually beneficial relationships
Develop appealing content pieces that your target audience will find valuable

SEO Penalty Removal & Detox

SEO penalty removal and detox involves the analysis of back links coming to your website to make sure your company’s website can be taken to the next level on the web. With SEO penalty removal and detox, we:

Initiate an in-depth backlink analysis to see how and where the penalty came from
Examine the entire breadth of the back links, identify those that are toxic and build a customized strategize to eliminate them
Suggest an alternate options, such as building a new website, if your website is beyond repair

eCommerce SEO

At Edkent Media, we ensure your website visitors convert into reliable and consistent customers with a proper eCommerce SEO strategy. With eCommerce SEO,  we:

Assess your company’s website from a technical point of view to make sure it’s optimized for search engines and crawlers
Make custom plans specific to your company’s needs, such as integrating Shopify, Bigcommerce, ZenCart or Magento
Index and rank all products and subcategories to create a better shopping experience for your site’s visitors


Our SEO Strategies Deliver Meaningful Results

You need to be working with a digital marketing agency that understands your business and the necessary factors influencing its online presence.

Our expertise in Toronto SEO ensures that our clients get the best service at all times and that the best people are devoting their time and efforts for your brand. Our experts are well adept at delivering customized solutions that are efficient and high on ROI.

Importance of SEO & How SEO Can Impact Your Business

In a world where nearly 90% of the customers use a search engine to find what they are looking for, it’s imperative that your brand is easily found for the relevant keywords. The 1st page of Google can accommodate only ten such sites and there are quite a large number of businesses who are after the 1st page. Of the audience that uses a search engine to find a product or service, majority end their search on the 1st page of Google. In short, not being found on the top reduces your brand’s visibility and revenue generating capabilities.


It is clear from our approach that our solution isn’t a short-term fix to your brand’s ailments. But isn’t it worth it to better results in the long term than mediocre results in the short term? We’ve influenced our clients’ fortunes because we approach SEO Toronto projects as brand consultants or growth experts. With an increase on organic traffic, our clients have successfully built a richer sales pipeline. We’d be delighted to hear from you on your brand.

If your company wants to rank at the top of Google’s page 1, you need to work with a company that knows how to accomplish this feat. At Edkent Media, we have thousands of page 1 rankings for our clients and for our company as well.

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