Effective Tips to Fight Back the Local Spam SEO Tactics

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In 2019, spamming of SEO has become a regular phenomenon. According to the statistics based on  SEO Vancouver, 45% of the marketers fall victim to negative SEO seeing a direct nosedive in their online businesses.

Surprisingly, many of the businessmen are still not acquainted with the concept of negative SEO. For the uninitiated, spamming SEO deals with the activities that negatively impacts one’s search engine ranking. With the implementation of gamut of spammy links, a website eventually gets penalized by the search engines. In the worse circumstances, it has also been reported that the spammers also hack a website to antagonize Google.


Precisely, SEO spamming is a real threat for all the markers. You may also face the same situation when it comes to SEO Vancouver. However, technology mitigates technology. With the aid of right tactics, you can stop local spamming of SEO, before it takes a vulnerable turn.

Below given are the major strategies you need to follow to fight the foes.

Starting with the process of identifying the negative SEO:

Sudden dive in Search Traffic: The moment you notice a drop in search engine traffic, there’s a high chance that you have become a victim of negative SEO Vancouver. However, this is not valid if and if you have not done any wrong deed.

Link Removal Request: This is one of the most common reasons. A lot of marketers often get request of fake link removal in an order to remove the quality links from the website. If you receive any such request, it’s time to wave a red flag.

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Drop in the Keyword Ranking: A sudden drop in the keyword ranking also acts a factor showing sign SEO spamming. It is always advisable to use professional tools to verify this fact.

Penalty Notification: Getting a penalty notification from Google is the scariest dream of every marketer. If a website is a prey to black hat SEO tactics like broken or spammy links, keyword stuffing, content spinning etc., Google do the needful.

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Now here is the solution given by top Vancouver SEO experts:

Take the Aid of Webmaster Tool: Google Webmaster is an important tool to fight the impact of the spamming of local SEO. You need to create an account with the Webmaster Tool to get the necessary notifications as and when needed. Following are the situations when you will receive alerts are:

  • Server issue
  • Attacks by malware
  • Indexation problems
  • Manual penalization by Google.

Perform Regular Audits: It is always recommended to conduct regular link audits in order to stay away from the adverse effects of black hat SEO techniques. This is one of the most easiest and cost-effective way to fight the malicious activities that may breed on your sites. You can seek for professional help to get it done for you.

Safeguard the Top-rated Performing Backlinks: A very common practice of the peers a particular marketer is bog down his best performing backlinks by fake removal request. This may happen to you too. However, you can prevent the same from happening. Keep thorough track of the quality backlinks and add tags to protect them.

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Pay Heed to the Speed : Your website speed happens to be the key determinant to understand the impact of negative SEO. If you notice a sudden slug in the speed, then your site has become the victim of forceful crawling. In such a scenario, without wasting a second, contact the hosting company at the earliest.

Consider the above-mentioned tips and omit the chances of local SEO spamming right away. Moreover, take help of professional services to get the best bet.

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