Social Media landscape

Google states that social media is not a direct factor when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. Although Google may say that, there is evidence that suggests social media interactions such as likes and shares do relate to your rankings. 

Since social media was created for sharing content, it can amplify ranking factors that Google does take into consideration. When people share your links on social media, it means more visibility for your content. Below are four ways you can enhance your social media marketing to improve your content’s visibility.  

  1. Optimize your social media profiles

The first thing you need to do is optimize your social media profiles. Social profiles are excellent assets for developing your online presence. When you use many different social media platforms, you need to have a consistent, high-quality and branded profile picture across all of those platforms for stronger brand recognition. You also should write a relevant bio for your business that is intriguing and attracts attention. 

It is crucial to include at least one relevant link on your profile. The link would most likely be your website, but it could also be a marketing campaign link or an email newsletter signup page. The links in Facebook status updates and tweets are no follow links, meaning they pass no SEO authority to sites they are linking to. The bio of a social media account is the following link.

  1. Regularly post engaging social updates 

To take advantage of your social media account, you need to post regularly. A regular posting schedule depends on the platform. While it is normal to post on Twitter many times in a day, it may seem excessive to do the same thing on Facebook. 

As well,you need to post shareable updates. You want your updates to be seen by as many people as possible. To ensure this, you want to use captivating images, compose viral headlines and directly ask your followers to share your updates. When you do these things, you are raising the chances that people will respond positively.   

  1. Create shareable website content

You can optimize your website to convince users to share your content. You do this by creating content that has copy, keywords, headlines and an effective call to action. For your content, you may also want to add social sharing buttons so that it’s easier for people to share your content. If it’s easier to share your content, more people will be inclined to do it.

You can also increase your visibility by incorporating more videos in your content. Videos are visible on search results. YouTube is the world’s second largest search engine. It is relied upon by numerous people to bring trustworthy information. Making promotional content with YouTube videos and sharing them on social media can lead to the top three search positions.   

  1. Connect with influencers and followers

To get the most SEO benefits out of your social media accounts, you need to be active on your accounts so that you can engage with others through your content. Relationships are key for getting inbound links and social media attention. You can gain links by shouting out influencers in your content and related social media posts. You could also cater to the local market by sharing local content and searching for local influencers.

Lastly, you need to be responsive to current and potential followers. As you continue putting engaging content out there, you are bound to get comments, reviews and shares. Your responses will allow social media algorithms to figure out that your content is active, which will enhance its reach.