Video Marketing Impoartance

At Edkent we are committed to empowering professionals, small, and mid-sized businesses with contemporary marketing tools affordably. Video marketing has long been thought of as expensive and complex, deterring so many business owners. And we are breaking those perceptions! Making animated videos, corporate videos, live event broadcasting, more affordable, more accessible!

Over the past few years, the use of video in marketing has skyrocketed. According to HubSpot, in 2020, 86% of businesses used video as a marketing tool. From TV commercials to TikToks, video marketing is constantly evolving with new trends. Needless to say, using video in marketing is highly effective and can be extremely beneficial for your business. Although at first video marketing may seem overwhelming, it is quite straightforward and can be easily incorporated into any marketing strategy, depending on the needs and goals of your business.

Why Video Marketing Matters

Video marketing is important for several reasons. First of all, it offers marketers a versatile and very shareable medium to reach their audiences. Second, it evokes trust in consumers and makes it easier to connect with them on an emotional level. For example, in 2014 a beer company released an extremely heartwarming commercial that premiered during the Super Bowl. People went crazy for this video and it was talked about in the media for months.

Being able to connect to consumers on a personal level through sound, music and imagery is what makes video far more useful than just images alone. This in turn can lead to growth in the company’s revenue stream, increased web traffic, and impact customers’ buying decisions. It can also generate more shares on social media and increase engagement and footfall on the website. In fact, online videos are a 600% more effective marketing tool than print and direct mail combined! Edkent Media can help leverage your marketing plans and reach the right audience and invoke the right emotions. We can help give your business the right tone that will resonate with your audience. Call us today to see how you can boost your business!

 Content Development and Video Marketing

When it comes to developing content for video marketing, the options are pretty much endless. Creativity will be your best friend as you begin to research and brainstorm what kind of content will work best for your business. Start by developing a strategy that has an end goal. Partner with Edkent Media for content marketing. Our in-house Toronto team is highly effective in creating content from scratch tailored to your business’s services. Perhaps that goal is to increase your Instagram following by 25% or selling a certain amount of product within three months. Whatever your goal is, think of ways to achieve that through video content that will stay true to your company’s mission and values.

Another tip is to look at what your competitors are doing and see what is working, or not working for them. Let’s say your competitor is receiving a lot of positive feedback on their recent Facebook Ads campaign that features quick 5-second video clips. Think of ways your brand could use short-snippet-style video clips that would be appealing to your customers on your brand’s vision and values. 

Another fool-proof way to source video content is by utilizing user-generated content (UGC). UGC has been a massive marketing trend in the past year. It consists of any form of content that has been posted by users on online platforms. This means if a user on Instagram posts a video of themselves wearing your product, you could reach out and ask for their permission to use the video on your social media channels. UGC is an incredibly helpful form of marketing, as it serves as proof from other consumers that your brand and/or product is credible and worth investing in.

Video Marketing in Social Media

If your business uses social media channels (and if it doesn’t, what are you waiting for!?) then video marketing is absolutely essential. Not every social media platform is going to be a good fit for your business, and that’s okay. If your ideal customer is over the age of 40, then maybe TikTok (a short-form video-sharing app) isn’t a platform that is worth investing time and energy into. In this case, consider using Facebook as your primary social media channel. Facebook has an older demographic of users in comparison to TikTok, in which approximately 50% of its users are under the age of 34. That being said, if your business is trying to engage a new audience and/or demographic, then using various social media channels that target several demographics is a smart marketing move.

Regardless, social media platforms are constantly being updated according to marketing trends, which can be extremely helpful for business owners. Social media analytics tracking may seem overwhelming at first. That’s where Edkent Media comes into play. Communicate directly with our team of social media marketing specialists, about your business goals going digital. They will handle creating, sharing, and tracking your business’s growth! 

Now that video marketing is continuously on the rise, platforms are adjusting their features to make it easy for users to upload various kinds of video content. For example, in 2016 Instagram launched a live video streaming option. Instagram Live allows users to broadcast videos to their followers in real-time as part of stories. Over 100 million Instagrammers use the live video feature daily, and it has proven to be an effective marketing strategy for many businesses. Brands use Instagram live for everything from behind-the-scenes footage to Q&A sessions. Q&A sessions seem to be particularly popular and they usually involve a brand representative or founder, answering live questions from consumers about the business or products. 

Instagram users can simply type in a question they want to ask in the comment section of the live video, in which the live video host will see and can decide if they want to answer right then, at the moment. Live Q&A sessions are effective for brands as they offer an informal setting for consumers to communicate questions or concerns. In turn, by answering these questions live, brands come across as trustworthy and authentic, which makes consumers likely to regard the brand more highly and continue (or begin) to purchase their products or services.

Now that you have a better understanding of video marketing in social media, you may be wondering how to measure the performance rates of your videos. Luckily, once again, thanks to the user-friendliness of social media platforms, with just a click of a button you can see how your videos are performing on any platform, as long as your account or page is set up as a business (which is one of the first things you will confirm when creating the account/page). From there you can see numbers and graphs that reflect how many users are engaging with your video content. If studying graphs and numbers feels too intense, just leave the heavy lifting to us. Our team can give you actionable business insights to help you make the right decisions. Your business excelling is the only excel you should concern yourself with. 

How do you plan on incorporating video content into your marketing strategy? 

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