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Every day, more and more brands and businesses are transitioning to digital platforms to expand their brand’s footprint. But only a few brands actually manage to break the ever-increasing digital clutter and successfully establish themselves as the face of their respective industries. You must have heard the term ‘SEO’ but what exactly is the role of SEO in digital marketing and why is it a quintessential aspect of any successful digital brand’s marketing strategy? Your marketing strategy is incomplete without the inclusion of successful SEO tactics. Let’s try and understand how SEO is extremely valuable for every business. 

Meaning and Significance of SEO

Theoretically speaking, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and refers to the process of boosting the quality and quantity of on-site traffic for a brand by improving its ranking on search engine pages. 

In today’s world, your brand’s ranking on search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo can make or break its credibility. Therefore, the importance and role of SEO in digital marketing cannot be overstated.

In truth, implementing comprehensive SEO strategies and following a few SEO practices is really the most pocket-friendly way of creating a lasting digital imprint for your brand. However, implementing these practices and strategies can be a daunting task for the uninitiated, and therefore relying on trusted professionals, such as the team of SEO specialists at EdKent Media, is the best bet.

How SEO Directly Benefits Your Business

Increases Traffic and Potential Sales

The most obvious benefit of practicing recommended SEO techniques is the noticeable increase in on-site traffic, which directly translates to higher consumer interaction with your product or service. Higher customer engagement could directly or indirectly (depending upon the nature of your business) result in increased revenue for your firm and thereby positively impact its bottom line.

Lets You Understand Your Competitors

Brands leverage the power of SEO by exclusively targeting their domestic, regional, or local markets through relevant SEO messaging and techniques is an emergent trend. Effective methods of localizing your SEO include tailoring your website’s content, adding relevant backlinks, and enlisting your brand on local listings. Effectively, this process also helps you understand your market rivals and massively aids brands with a local or regional presence.

Helps You Understand Your Customer

 The aspect which allows digital marketing to trump conventional forms of marketing is that it is quantifiable and evidential. This means that by looking at your target audience’s collective search query data and noticing recurring search terms you can understand what they are looking for and thereby tailor your SEO strategy, as well as your product or service to meet your audience’s needs.

Establishes you as a trustworthy player

 The importance of a good ranking position on a SERP cannot be overstated as websites that show up on the first results page attract 95% of all of the web traffic and 2/3rds of all customers don’t look beyond the first five search results! Effective SEO can help you improve your ranking positions on a SERP and thereby solidify your reputation in the consumer’s mind as a trustworthy and genuine brand.

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How You Can Improve Your SEO & Reap the Benefits:

Evaluate Your Current SEO Flaws

On the digital landscape, it’s perhaps more important to know what doesn’t work than what does! Therefore, before doing anything else, we’d recommend that you note down and rectify your current SEO pitfalls. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly, has minimal loading time, and is a search engine crawler friendly.

Additionally, ensure that you receive traffic from reputed and trusted websites as attracting traffic from bad sources can do more harm than good to your ranking position.

Follow the Latest Rules & Trends

We recommend that you pay keen attention to Google’s general SEO guidelines, as it is the leading search engine in the world and a respectable ranking position on Google’s SERP is essential for a business or brand’s digital success. 

Additionally, SEO algorithms and guidelines are independently and periodically updated by the respective search engines, therefore it is beneficial to read up about them and be proactive rather than reactive to the changes and modifications.

It is important to note that not all the results on a SERP are the result of organic SEO; some ‘results’ are actually pay-per-click advertisements. However, relying on sound and proven SEO practices offer you long-term consistency and a steady return on investment.

Review Your Existing Content & Site Architecture

Thoroughly inspecting the existing content on your website as well as reviewing your site architecture can help you ascertain its merits and demerits. Ensure that your website content is concise, crisp, and SEO-optimized through the use of relevant, industry, or region-specific keywords. 

Moreover, ensure that your site architecture is uncomplicated, as web crawlers (internet bots employed by search engines to index & rank websites) give preference to websites with ‘flat’ site architectures, wherein the user can access any internal webpage within 3 clicks.

Encourage Audience Participation

An important aspect of search engine ranking is lowering your website’s ‘bounce rate’ and increasing the amount of time a visitor expends interacting and engaging with your brand, product, or service. 

Bounce rate refers to the number of visitors who leave your website after just interacting with one webpage; a high bounce rate makes web crawlers perceive your website as unreliable or undesirable and thereby damages your credibility.

The best way to extend the amount of time a visitor spends on your website is to incorporate interactive elements such as trivia, quizzes, questionnaires, graphics, and videos. This can lower your bounce rate as well as increase the amount of time an average visitor spends on your website. If your SEO and brand messaging is up to the mark, then spending these extra few seconds or minutes could turn a ‘visitor’ into a ‘customer’.

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Bottom Line: SEO is Essential & Future-Proof!

The role of SEO in digital marketing is only set to grow with the inclusion of machine learning and AI; as the advent of these new technological innovations is already unearthing new ranking avenues and opportunities for businesses. Additionally, the periodic updates and alterations to existing search engine algorithms prove that SEO is dynamic as well as of fundamental importance to the functioning of modern-day digital marketing.

Edkent Media: Your Choice of Digital Marketing Agency for SEO Solutions

Here at EdKent Media, our dedicated team of SEO specialists is always motivated to help you improve your brand’s digital image and ranking. We provide holistic SEO services which help your brand achieve its deserved ranking, attract quality traffic as well as enhance your ROI.

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