With the advent of technology and businesses looking to expand their online presence and consumer base, it becomes increasingly important to know how to crack into an ever-competitive market. Like any other activity, a digital marketing agency is an investment that you must make wisely in order to get the returns on investment you expected. The agency becomes an extension of your company and must gel well with your ethics, business model and understand your business ideas and goals. 

Before you go ahead and sign a digital marketing agency for your business, read on to know what to look for in one!

How To Find the Right Internet Marketing Company

Dedicated Account Manager

When you talk to the agency, you want their undivided attention and you want updates and reports to allow you to have constant insights. You need to make sure that the agency is offering a dedicated account manager who will be your point of contact and who will address your concerns and queries. You do not want to feel like you’re interacting with a call center. The account manager will help you strategize various business solutions and ideations and will keep you apprised of the latest developments. At Edkent Media, we treat all our clients with dedicated support and will always provide your business with a dedicated account manager to ensure all your queries and concerns are met in person!

Asking the Right Questions

When you’re in the process of finding the right digital marketing agency, a lot depends on what questions you ask and carefully analyzing the answers you get from the agency. If the answers are not confident or seem inauthentic, it is a sign that the agency does not have enough experience having worked with clients in your domain. Ask probing questions, open-ended questions that help you determine how well nuanced the agency would be to handle your business model and marketing expectations. 


Most agencies offer a variety of services including paid ad campaigns, SEO strategies, web design, content strategy, etc. however you need to ask yourself if your business requires taking all these services or is it something, in particular, you’re looking for. Look for the agency’s track record and see in which field they excel most. For example, if you’re looking for web design, are you looking just for a site revamp, or are you looking for strategic inputs that will help boost the user experience with better web design? An agency should be able to give you solutions based on what you’re looking for. 

Check Their Plans and Offers

You want to go with an agency that is flexible and understands your business requirements and that these requirements can change over time. Ensure that the digital marketing agency offers flexible plans rather than pushing pre-set offers for you to sign. The pricing plan should be built based on your goals and what you’re looking for at the end of a stipulated time frame. Do not get locked in by agencies that do not offer any flexibility of changing plans or do not offer customization based on your individual requirements. 

Regular Updates

When you sign on with an agency, ensure that they give you full access to your analytics data. You want constant updates and regular reporting to be able to see firsthand what results are being driven and if they are as per your expectations. The right agency will always allow you to look over data and send you reports in a timely fashion. With Edkent Media, you never have to worry about reporting and constant follow-ups. We understand your priorities and concerns and share constant updates regarding the strategies being implemented. 

SEO and Content

A majority chunk of your business success boils down to good SEO practices and gaining organic visibility on search engines. SEO strategy involves creating powerful content copies that utilize not just the right keyword but also understand the user intent behind the keywords. Make sure the company understands the best SEO practices and has a good portfolio of clients they have helped reach higher ranks on the Search Engine Page. You can either work in sync with the SEO team from the agency along with your in-house content team or better yet, find an agency that can bring you the power of both!

Testimonials and Reviews

Most agencies will promise you grand results in a short span of time. Do not get dazzled by smooth sales pitches. Instead, do your homework and look up the agency to find genuine, authentic reviews from their current or previous clients to understand their success rate. Look at their online reputation and read what clients are saying about them on the internet. Compare them to similar agencies to understand their standing in the industry. 

Be Aware of Fake Promises

As part of engaging sales pitches, agencies will promise you that they can get you at the top of Google Rankings in a matter of weeks or the first month itself. Be wary of such claims as the Google algorithm is not that easy to crack. It takes dedication and hard work along with a constant understanding of current updates that Google releases and how that will impact your website. Ranking on Google is an art as much as it is a science and any agency that promises instant results – RUN the other way!

Edkent Media – A Cut Above The Rest

Finding a digital marketing agency that understands your unique concerns, business model, the marketing landscape and can offer you solutions tailored to you is half the battle one. Do not settle for just about any agency. At Edkent Media, we are here to help thoroughly understand your requirements and build a strategy that helps you and your business make a presence in the digital space. Contact us today at (647) 492-0452. You can also book a consultation where we can better understand your individualistic needs. Let’s connect today!