The Right Way to do SEO Website Analysis: There can be more than one reason why the traffic of your website might have reduced and there might be numerous explanations as to why the rate of conversion is reducing. It is very important to conduct an audit in order to figure out the reason why this is happening. Read more to come across several tips which might come handy while conducting a website analysis.

Checking for Analytics Issues

You will be depending on software in order to monitor the traffic and it might be that the software has a few bugs. In many cases, the issue is with the analytics tool and not with the website. While accessing analytics problems, you need to make sure that the analytics code is installed on the website. In case, you are not able to install the code in your website, then the visits would not trigger and you will not be able to track the number of visits which have been made to your website.

In case the analytics code was altered by intention or by mistake, then you need to double-check the code in order to make sure that it is accurate. In case the same leader is not visible in all the pages then you might experience a drop in traffic. If you are using more than one analytical tool, then you need to make sure that all of them are working in the proper order. You can also opt for a second opinion to figure out the mistake and correct it.

The Right Way to do SEO Website Analysis

The Right Way to do SEO Website Analysis

Look Out for Google Search Console Issues

In case you are observing the drop from Google Search Console then it might be because of some problems caused by an individual. You need to check and fix if there is any problem. It is advisable not to mess with these parameters in case you do not have an idea about what you are doing. Traffic might have dropped due to Google algorithm update and you need to make sure that it is updated to the latest version.

Checking for Penalty

In many cases, Google does not reduce the rank of your website, it also penalizes the website. In case you have broken the rules by making use of the black hat techniques in order to obtain a quick rank, then your site might be penalized.

The Website Might be Malfunctioning

On many occasions, the website might be malfunctioning and the potential clients are not able to get access to the wonderful content that you have put up. It is very important that you make sure that your website functions in the proper manner so that potential clients can easily access it.

Dealing with Google Analytics

Once you have figured out the reason behind the traffic drop, you can now work towards solving the issue in a systematic manner. You can check the search console in order to get an idea about any kind of problem which might happen in the website. It is very important that you improve the user experience in order to ensure more people on your website and more number of conversions. With the help of a heat map, you can easily figure out the number of people who are showing an inclination to your website.

You Can Check the In-Page Analytics

It is very important to build the in-page analytics in order to figure out the number of people who are clicking your website. You need to consult the report on a regular basis so that you can optimize the site.

Consider the Other Elements on the Page

Apart from the standard content on your page, you should also think about displaying the other elements on the page. With the help of the other elements on the page, you can increase the rate of conversions.

Finding out What People Want to Buy

It is very important to make people buy whatever you are selling in order to enhance your business. You need to design your website in such a manner that people get attracted easily to your website. You need to attract targeted visitors to your website and will help you to increase your conversion rate.