Site Structure: Why It’s Important and How To Get It Started

Your website’s structure is crucial to your SEO strategy. The website structure informs Google about the most significant pages on your site. It means you may affect which content ranks higher in the search engines by changing the website structure. It’s also a highly actionable component of your SEO strategy; you can begin optimizing your site structure right now. You may read why site structure is crucial for SEO in this post.

What is Website Structure?

Site structure or website architecture refers to how your website is built, or how numerous website sections are integrated for the best user experience. It is significant not just from the point of the user, but also in terms of search engine optimization.

The way you organize the content on your website is referred to as site structure. A website often comprises posts and pages with content on several – connected – themes. The website structure determines how content is organized, linked, and presented to visitors. Users will be able to navigate their way through your website easily, and Google will be able to index your URLs better if you structure them effectively. Internal links, navigation, and breadcrumbs are all techniques for structuring your site, as are taxonomies like categories and tags.

Importance Of Website Structure

A Pleasant User Experience

Users will want to spend more time on your website if it is appealing and informative, with easy navigation, boosting dwell time and minimizing bounce time. It, in turn, tells Google that your website is a great result to provide for a search query, perhaps boosting your rankings.

A Well-Structured Website Can Get You Sitelinks

On a SERP, site links display your website’s most significant pages. These provide a vital SEO benefit, as they can increase clickthrough rates, improve your brand’s reputation, and help you rank higher in SERPs. Sitelinks are awarded by Google to websites that have a well-structured website. You can’t add a site link on your own right now.

Improved Crawling

Not only users, but crawlers will benefit from a well-designed website structure with effective internal linking because it will allow them to identify relevant content.

Prevents Keyword Cannibalism

You may have published several blog entries about the same subject. If your site is properly designed, you can prevent having rival web pages and keyword cannibalism.

How To Get Started With Website Structure?

What steps do you need to take to improve the structure of your website? What can you do to keep your website’s structure from becoming a problem? I’ll give you three simple pointers on how to improve the website structure rapidly.

Delete Anything Outdated

Every season, several stores will sell a new range of products (clothing and shoes). Remove the page if you do not anticipate selling the same goods again. However, there’s a chance you have some links to the page you’d like to delete. Links to your page are also beneficial to your SEO! Even if the page no longer exists, you want to make sure you get the most out of these links. That is why the URL should be redirected.

Examine Your Classifications

Make sure that all of the categories are roughly the same size. Consider Alice and her tales. Making stacks of these categories allowed Alice to categorize her stories. Consider how one pile grows to be enormous while the others remain considerably smaller. In that large pile, finding a specific story would be difficult, whereas searching through a small pile would be a lot easier. At the same time, because Alice published a lot of stories on that issue, that large heap is quite relevant.

Get Started With Edkent For Improving Your Site Structure

It’s crucial to keep in mind that site structure is just one aspect of a larger, ongoing process. The structure of your site will need to be maintained as it grows. Every SEO strategy should include improving and maintaining a website’s structure. It’s a highly actionable aspect of SEO; it’s something you can instantly control and enhance. So, let’s get this party started! Contact Edkent Media today (647-492-0452) and book a strategy session for enhanced site structure.