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Are you or someone you know looking to grow your ranking on Google search pages? As the number of businesses that are competing to get noticed increases, you will need to learn how to get creative with digital marketing. 

People are always searching for answers, this means that even if a website has an old-school creative design, people are more likely to visit the webpage due to the content available. The new tool of support for businesses is content marketing, which has been found to be even more powerful than ever before. Now is the time to combine the benefits of content marketing and search engine optimization for the best value in growing your website! 

SEO is a long-term strategy that involves knowing the right keywords. Now you may believe that results happen almost immediately and effortlessly. That is not likely the case. 

Things you will need to know:

  • Understanding of your target audience
  • What your business or service can offer
  • Research Competitors: What makes your business stand out from the crowd?

Search Engine Optimization requires a basic knowledge of strategies to follow that can optimize your business and keep you ahead of the competition. In fact, you need to keep in mind that SEO results may take time, being smaller at first, but over time they will reach where you want it to.

Following a long term Search Engine Optimization formula is a 3-step process that involves:

Short Term: Increase Your Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Start small and be consistent. By this we mean, improve your meta-description for each and every page on Google. Using original content is an extremely effective strategy that can lead to a three-time leads to increase in potential clients to any page. If your page stands out from the crowd and receives a high click-through rate and a bounce rate not too high for visits to those web pages, Google will reward your page with a higher rank. 

At Edkent Media we will develop original, from scratch meta-descriptions that describes the business or service to actively target an audience: Learn more, click here

Medium Term: Get Creative

Google has changed its view on free hosting sites, they are NOT the way to go. It may even lower your business visibility if your third-party review site gets hit by Google penalties. In that case, it’s time to get creative. Add badges to your webpages, make your website interactive. Request/invite your previous customers from the past 6 months to leave personalized reviews. Getting 100 reviews from the start not only humanizes your brand but also adds to the SEO ranking.

Tips on negative reviews

Bad press is normal. In fact, what isn’t normal is leaving the response empty handed. Resolve these issues by speaking with the customer directly. Google acknowledges businesses that act on their negative reviews turning positive. They see you’re keeping your customers satisfied.

In addition to that, make sure your business rating is kept at 4+ stars. Anything above a 4.5 seems untrustworthy and does not do well with SEO efforts. As long as the average rating is above a 4 star, get as many reviews as you possibly can.

Another option is to start blogging. Take on a strong voice, guest post on other people’s pages. Go ahead and re-publish the content that links back to your own website or blog. Having blog content on your website as an e-commerce store appears to be less spam. Don’t give into  black hat techniques such as “content spinning” or tweaking your article to appear on Google twice. These hacks affect real, potential users which could lead back to harming your ratings!

Long Term: Mentions (and links, where to find them)

Get mentioned on websites and relevant sites to get people interested. Google is much more inclined to place you at the top of the page as they are confident with all the backed up results, that your business or service is legitimate. You are a resource that more people should be connected to.

  • Clean up any typos: Any information that may exist already on the internet needs to be updated. When all information that is mentioned about your business flows together, your page is a trusted source. Specific keywords can be targeted making your business advertising successful on all platforms.
  • Create News: Promote your business, whether in print media, hosting events or having prize draws. As the matter of fact is, one newsworthy event every few months can boost your search engine optimization ranking.
  • Get Original: The content that you release should be authentic. If the information can be found on another page, you’re not likely to push your ranking above and beyond. Engage your audience by messaging on social media using visually appealing images that people can share or keep for future reference. That will drive them back to your website. 

Is Search Engine Optimization Worth the Investment? 

Just think none of the SEO matters without analyzing the results. Use customized digital packages to grow your business page from all fronts. Save more in the long run with clear analytic results. Tracking all SEO metrics over time is the key to a successful digital marketing strategy. One of the best ways to do so is to reinvent your old website and updating your current one. Linking websites is the golden ticket to establishing traffic over time. It attracts people to your website, educating them about further service offers. Within a month, you will see more traffic, increased sales and more revenue. Your business can generate more website traffic by implementing these simple strategies. If you’re looking for more precise and targeted results you may need to look into working with a digital marketing agency. In a year or two, if you have been consistent and you will hit the jackpot and get the brand factor advantage. At Edkent Media, we are proud of our SEO services and we can prove it to you with results. Book a 30-minute creative strategy session today with one of our Toronto SEO firm’s seo specialists.

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